Introducing the Color Shift Frames

Calvin Klein Jeans Eyewear presents Color Shift, the new frames crafted in UV-reactive acetate that gradually changes colour when exposed to UV rays. Embodying the Calvin Klein Jeans’ vibrant, dynamic ethos, the Color Shift frames seamlessly blend fashion and technology into a canvas for creativity that adapts to every look, letting individuality shine with each UV- induced colour change. The color change effect of UV photochromic products is temporary and reversible. Once removed from UV light, the products will gradually return to their original color or state

Redefine Your Style

Calvin Klein Jeans celebrates individuality and speaks the visual language of freedom and self expression, pushing the boundaries of creativity through innovative materials and bold pops of colour.


The Color Shift technology

Always different and unique, the new UV-reactive Calvin Klein Jeans Color Shift frames are designed to marvel: their photochromic acetate construction progressively changes color gradient throughout the day, depending on the amount of direct sunlight it is exposed to.