Cartier Glasses

      Cartier Glasses

      Distinctive creativity, exceptional savoir-faire and iconic style. Founded in 1847, Cartier is not only one of the most established names in the world of Jewellery and Watches: it is also the reference of true and timeless luxury. Referred to as The Maison Cartier, it distinguishes itself by its mastery of all the unique skills and crafts used for the creation of a Cartier piece.

      Complimentary single vision prescription lenses with all Cartier glasses. 

      19 products

      19 products

      Cartier Glasses

      Step into luxury and opulence with our selection of Cartier glasses. They may be known for jewellery and watches, but Cartier knows a thing or two about eyewear. Having first started in the mid 1800s, Cartier is world-renowned for their timeless accessories. Cartier glasses come complete with exquisite craftsmanship and fine detailing, and are guaranteed to make an elegant impression.

      Cartier prescription glasses

      Cartier frames are all about the details and the finishings. Explore prescription glasses with classical and sleek frames, made with 18k gold. Find models with contrasting horn and wood temple accents, produced to the highest levels of quality. Look out for delicate hinge details, nose bridges and more. And of course, discover classic Cartier glasses styles, including C Décor, Santos de Cartier, Première and C de Cartier. For the height of summer, don’t forget to browse Cartier’s glamorous sunglasses - available with prescription lenses too.

      The men's collection

      Cartier glasses for men are softly sophisticated, combining premium materials with timeless design. Think gold-toned and slim frames for a polished take on everyday glasses. Or go for something a little bolder with a retro-inspired square design in black.

      The women's collection

      Cartier glasses might just be a girl’s best friend too. Innovative design meets timeless quality with these luxurious frames. Find crystal-clear lenses paired with gold-toned frames with logo details. Or elevate the everyday with a rimless style ‘80s inspired style.

      How to take care of your glasses

      If you’re going to invest in a pair of Cartier glasses, you’re going to want to take good care of them. Cartier glasses come with an eye-catching case - we recommend storing them in here whenever you’re not wearing them. Clean regularly and gently with a microfibre cloth and specialist lens spray. And resist the temptation to pick up your glasses by the lenses - you’ll have less of those irritating finger smudges to deal with!