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DITA is one of our most popular and premium brands at Fashion Eyewear. The quality of the eyewear is sublime. To create one DITA frame it takes months of hard work from the specialised team of designers, researchers and developers that work in the DITA HQ. When you pick up a pair of DITA frames, you instantly feel the work, time and quality checks that have gone into these frames. This is why DITA’s design and manufacturing standards are regarded as the benchmark against which all luxury eyewear brands are judged.






DITA was founded in 1995 by Jeff Solorio and John Juniper. The brand reinvented eyewear by transcending conventions to create discreet luxury eyewear products combined with bold detailing, timeless shapes and innovative technology. With over 20 years in design and manufacturing at the highest level, DITA now has earned their reputation as a leader in optical innovation.



Their coveted reputation and unique designs have attracted celebrities, fashion enthusiasts, actors, and other sophisticated clientele. It’s a brand that appeals to everyone because of its association with leading figures in a wide range of sectors within culture, style, sport and entertainment.






Design that finds beauty in purpose.



Craftsmanship that celebrates the unseen.



Culture that transcends convention



Associated with the most high-end fashion brands, DITA eyewear has been a go-to for luxury eyewear for over two decades now. DITA’s mission was to become leaders of style through innovative, high-quality eyewear with a unique look and feel. This has certainly been achieved. This brand redefines standards and creates bestselling eyewear.






If we haven’t already sold you on the quality and design of DITA then the materials certainly will. The DITA-FEATHERLIGHT collection uses innovative, ultra-thin acetates to a stainless steel metal core lamination technique found in DITA LAMINATE this is found in the DITA_SERIES collection. Titanium to 18K gold are often found in a DITA frame as well as the finest Japanese Zyl acetates.



Here are some of our favourite DITA eyewear that we stock at Fashion Eyewear:






The DITA MACH series is inspired by the world of automotive racing and the design of the world's most luxurious cars, boats and planes. Single-seat racing has been rising internationally since the 1950s and the world has been captivated as the limits of automotive engineering and design have been pushed year in, year out. The DITA MACH is designed with the finest materials and advanced construction methods which aim to pay tribute to the craftsmanship of these luxury automotive vehicles.








The DITA FLIGHT was based on the iconic aviator frame, developed for fighter pilots during the second world war. The DITA FLIGHT pays tribute to the bravery and style of those pilots. This model is reworked based on the classic aviator style yet constructed with modern DITA materials.








The DITA LAMINATE takes three times longer to construct compared to the other DITA models because the frames are milled, plated and hand laminated with groundbreaking manufacturing techniques that revel in contrast with the acetate frame. This contrast creates a lightweight, extremely thin, durable pair of glasses.






The DITA FEATHERLIGHT is near weightless. A complex manufacturing process is involved including heat tempering which results in the frame weighing half as much as a traditional acetate frame. There is no sacrifice in durability or strength to create this ultra-thin frame at just 2.5 millimetres. This creates the ultimate comfort and delicate aesthetic, only at DITA.



Now that you are aware of the work and skill that goes into a pair of DITA glasses, we know you will want to shop the collection. You can shop DITA eyewear HERE at Fashion Eyewear and remember we can add your prescription to any of our frames whether they are a varifocal or single vision!





You can add your prescription to any of our designers frames no matter what style, shape or brand you decide to go for. Choose from Varifocal/Progressive or Single Vision lenses, then choose your lens option from the most advanced optical brands: Nikon, Essilor, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim and our own Fashion Eyewear Packages! We have our PD tool available so you can add your prescription in the comfort of your own home. Then simply sit back and wait for your favourite sunnies or glasses to arrive!