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Which Lens Coating Is The Best For You?

Which Lens Coating Is The Best For You?

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Buying a new pair of glasses and choosing the right lenses and coatings can be a daunting task, especially if you're buying glasses online. That's why we've compiled a little guide to choosing the right coatings for your lenses. To help you understand more about the advantages of the individual coatings, in this post we're going to explain what certain coatings mean and also give you a more detailed explanation of the coatings available at Fashion Eyewear. So let's see Fashion Eyewear's A-Z of choosing the right coatings!

Scratch- resistant coating Anti-scratch coating:

Most lenses are made of lightweight materials like plastic or polycarbonate that most have a relatively soft surface. The hard scratch-resistant layer on the surface of the lens helps prolong the life-span of your eyewear by minimising the scratches caused by everyday wear and tear. Glass lenses however don't require anti-scratch coating because of the natural hardness of the lenses. In fact, glass lenses are even more scratch-resistant than most plastic or polycarbonate lenses with anti-scratch coating. All Fashion Eyewear lens packages include anti-scratch coatings.

Anti-glare coating (anti-reflective coating):

On an uncoated lens there will be significant reflection as a percentage of the light is being reflected on the surface of the lens instead of passing through it. Especially when you've got overhead fluorescent lighting at the office or at night time when you're driving and have other cars' headlights around you. These reflections cause glare on the surface of the lens which is not only uncomfortable but may also interfere with your vision. The anti-glare coating allows more light through the lens improving your clarity of vision, making objects less easy to see and helping to reduce eye strain and eye fatigue for example when using a computer.

UV coating:

Polycarbonate and most high index plastic lenses block 100% UV out even without the need for added coatings. Glass lenses however, do require UV coating applied to provide 100% UV protection. UV protection is important to reduce the risk of certain eye disorders such as macular degeneration, cataracts or other eye problems. Premium and elite coatings from Fashion Eyewear include UV coating.

Hydrophobic coating:

Hydrophobic (water repelling) coatings facilitate the run-off of water droplets from the lens surface so even being around water or out in the rain won't cause much visual distortion and they fog up less easily. This coating also repels grease and fingerprints so it's easier and quicker to clean your lenses. Premium and elite coatings from Fashion Eyewear include hydrophobic coating.


Fashion Eyewear's Premium Lens Coating:

this coating combines the anti-scratch/anti-glare coating with a smooth surface to prevent your lenses from getting dirty during the day allowing for longer period of time between cleaning. It also includes a hydrophobic coating and offers UV protection as well.

Fashion Eyewear's Elite Coating:

This latest generation of coating improves your visual experience on all levels. the improved anti-glare layer will allow you to see clearly without disturbing reflexes while combining the technique of the super smooth surface of a non-stick frying pan with an anti-static layer to significantly reduce how often you need to clean your eyewear by keeping smudges, water drops and dust at bay.

On top of this the scratch resistant layer has been improved by up to 50% compared to earlier generations and comes with a 18 month manufacturing warranty against scratches. If you scratch your lenses within 18 months we will replace it for you, no quibble.

What coating should I choose?

We would always recommend choosing the elite coated lens for the following reasons:

  • It Guarantees you a scratch free lens for 18 months, if it scratches we replace it for you.
  • Smudges water and dust are not a problem, much less cleaning required
  • Long lasting