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The Tiffany 2036 | TF 2036 Review

The Tiffany 2036 | TF 2036 Review

Tiffany 2036 | TF 2036

Tiffany are a brand most have heard of. From the iconic little blue box to songs and films, the brand is an institution in itself. Most associate Tiffany with its jewellery and amazing diamonds, but they also produce their own range of designer glasses. New to 2011, their glasses are already some of the best loved around, with intricate detailing on each of their fashion forward designs.


The Tiffany 2036 | TF 2036 are one of the best selling frames within the Tiffany optical collection. These are a fairly large square shaped frame, with soft curves. The frame is fairly thick though not overly so, and the size makes these a real stand out piece while not being too 'out-there'. The arms are thinner than the front, and sit flat against the sides of the face. On the arms at the temples sits a small pearl texture cross design at either side, making these glasses stand out more than another similar shaped pair. It's small detailing like this that makes Tiffany the high quality and well designed glasses brand that they are. Also on the arms is written the Tiffany & Co. name, making these obvious to all which designer they were created by. The most popular colour in this model is the simple but timeless and elegant black. This colour contrasts nicely with the pearl detailing. Other colours available include blue and black, violet, Havana and many more.

Most lenses can be fitted to this fully rimmed model. Single vision, varifocal and bifocal are all suitable. Transitions lenses can also be applied. The lenses come in four different thicknesses, with thinner lenses recommended to those with higher prescriptions to stop any bulkiness or discomfort. Coatings can be applied, such as scratch resistance which hardens the lenses and, as it says, stops any scratches. Anti-glare stops reflections from light from visibly showing on the lenses, which can obscure vision into or out of the lenses. Water and dust repellence are also great options for everyday glasses wearers as it smudge proofing.

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