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The Tiffany 2035 | TF 2035

The Tiffany 2035 | TF 2035

Tiffany 2035 | TF 2035

Tiffany & Co. are a brand so ingrained in popular culture that almost everyone the world over has heard of them. From being mentioned in ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’ by Marilyn Monroe, to being the namesake of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ starring Audrey Hepburn, the brand are iconic. Tiffany are predominantly known for their jewellery, namely diamonds.


However, they also make a range of other goods, including watches, leather goods and of course, glasses. The Tiffany glasses range has just arrived to the UK in 2011 for the first time ever, and instantly they are one of the most luxurious brands. With prescription glasses inlaid with silver and gold, and diamonds and pearls, these are some of the most high end spectacles around.

The Tiffany 2035 | TF 2035 is the number one best seller in the Tiffany optical range. The frame is rectangular but thick with soft curves, giving these a very feminine look. The arms are long and thin and quite subtle. The hinges are unique and pretty, having a small silver ‘Tiffany heart’ at each side, really making these glasses stand out. The most popular colour in this model is unique: ‘Ocean Turquoise’ (shown above). This colour is a mix of brown, gold and sky blue shades – surprisingly complimentary colours. This shade tends to suit most people, with the brown and gold shades bringing out brown and hazel eyes, and the blue tones brightening blue eyes.

Different lenses can be fitted to this frame. This includes single vision, varifocal and bifocal. Transitions are also an option. All lenses are available in different thicknesses, with thinner options recommended to those with higher prescriptions. High prescription lenses can be thick, which means they can be heavy and uncomfortable so making the lenses thinner will make wearing the glasses more comfortable. They also reduce visual bulkiness. The lenses can be coated to differing effects, with anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings recommended to everyone. Other options include dust and water repellence, which are good for full-time glasses wearers who may find dust particles in the atmosphere and rain droplets annoyingly stick to their lenses. Smudge proofing is also another great option to stop fingerprints.

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