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The Tag Heuer Racer Sunglasses Collection

The Tag Heuer Racer Collection

Tag Heuer is a brand that has always been recognised for their outstanding quality, innovation, and product technology.

This review is all about one of the brand's latest sunglasses collection that has been designed to enhance sports performance. For those who take part in regular sporting activities, these sunglasses are right for you.

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The Tag Heuer Racer sunglasses collection looks incredibly sporty; right from the design of the frames to the features and functions of the eyewear. The Racer collection holds various models with a range of different frame styles including squared, rectangle and shield. These are the most popular frame styles chosen by men. These specific shapes are also great for sports professionals; for example, the shield style would be great for those who require a wider field of vision from their eyewear. Instantly recognisable, the styles of Racer models are very distinctive. The innovative design of the eyewear is ideal for individuals who want to stand out with their eyewear. If you rather wear your sunglasses for casual occasions, the Racer is a versatile model allowing you to wear these frames with anything from biking gear to a formal dinner suit.

Tag Heuer Racer Sunglasses Online

Every part of the frame also reflects the brand's sporting spirit. Take a look at the hinge design; the stylish 'S' link that can be seen on the temples were inspired by the links from the brand's timepiece collection. The subtle branding of the company name and logo can also be found on the frame arms and in the bottom corner of the lenses. These lenses are made from a strong and resilient poly-carbonate material. This is a special type of plastic lenses made to withstand scratches and abrasions.


The advanced material used to create the eyewear has excellent properties which include lightness in weight, strength, and durability. Polymer is a soft-touch material that acts like a memory foam mattress; the frames mould around all the grooves and curves of your unique face. This provides you with the ultimate level of comfort when wearing your Racer sunglasses. When it comes down to price, this model is one of the most affordable model in the brand's various collections. By shopping online you can save around 30% off the high street prices.