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The Swarovski Amazone SK5013 Review

The Swarovski Amazone SK5013 Review

The Swarovski Amazone SK5013

Catch jungle fever with the Swarovski Amazone SK5013. This brand famed for its brilliant faceted crystals. Fashion designers, jewellery and dress makers, or anyone who makes their own garments and accessories can utilize the brand's crystal 'Elements' to create beautiful, sparkling pieces.


The eyewear collection incorporates both crystals and crystal elements in the designs to offer consumers the products that reflect the brand's identity. The Swarovski Amazone was created for the fiesty, independent woman who possesses confidence and power. The SK5013 has a strong look compared to the other models in the collection. Most of the other frames are very whimsical, feminine and romantic. This model, on the other hand, is more wild, bold, and glamorous. The rectangle frame shape has a slight cat-eye effect as the edges of the frame are more angular.

The brand's unique crystals are adorned across the top rim of the frames drawing more attention to the beauty of the design. The frame arms are detailed with the Swanflower® motif and the frame is made completely from acetate. The SK5013 comes in three wonderful colours; tortoise, black, and purple. The purple has the most amazing hue; it's rich colour is beautiful in all seasons and would suit all skin tones. The black frame has a classic look, and is perfect for those who wear a lot of colour and need a versatile colour. The tortoise is a great alternative to the black colour; it's a colour that looks amazing on blondes and brunettes.

Redheads and other hair colours should opt for the black option avoid colour-clashing. The purple frame would compliment most dark hair colours. The Swarovski Amazone is sure to get your pulse racing with its amazing looks and seductive design. If your personality and style matches up to the bold and unique style of this model, go for it. Top Tip: Always try on your glasses before ordering especially if you require prescription lenses. This is to make sure the glasses fit you properly and that you feel comfortable wearing them.

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