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The Ray Ban Aviator RB3025 002/58 In Black/Polarized Crystal Green

The Ray Ban Aviator RB3025 002/58 In Black/Polarized Crystal GreenEverywhere people are wearing these amazing aviator sunglasses. Celebrities are a huge fan of the teardrop-shaped eyewear and seem to can't get enough of them.

These sunglasses are available in a wide range of colours and sizes but this specific model has sold out over some of the other colours in the collection. These Ray Ban sunglasses are functional and stylish.

This specific Ray Ban Aviator in black with polarized crystal green lenses is a very popular frame. The stunning dark metal combined with the dark frame colour has lot of depth to it. Usually, the Aviator has a gold or silver frame arm so it's very unusual to black metal frame arms. These sunglasses look great on both men and women. The unisex design of the eyewear makes it perfectly wearable for both sexes. The double bridge design is typical of aviator sunglasses.


You can wear whatever you like with the Ray Ban 3025 from jumpsuits to dinner suits and jeans. The same principles apply to men; these sunglasses are so versatile, they seriously look great with anything! Use accessories such as jewellery or hats to style the look. Actress Minnie Driver wears her aviator sunglasses in black with a sexy low-cut black dress. Other celebrities opt for a more casual style i.e. a cosy jumper with denim shorts or dress up like Minnie Driver and wear more glamorous apparel.

Without And With Polarized SunglassesThe polarized lenses of the RB3025 002/58 are a stunning crystal green shade. Green tinted lenses offer the best visual colour perception as they are deemed as 'neutral' coloured lenses. The polarized technology is excellent especially for those who need protection against reflective glare and halos. Through non-polarized sunglasses, reflection off mirrors, water, and even windows can be seen by the naked eye. Through polarized sunglasses, all of this glare is blocked out so you can see straight through.

For people who take part in sporting activities on water, snow, roads, or sunny climates, polarized sunglasses are highly recommended. These Aviators can be bought online or on the high street. To get the best deal, head online to reputable fashion eyewear websites to get a good discount off your designer eyewear.