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The Oakley Transistor OX3085 22-236 Ducati/Pewter Review

Oakley TransistorOakley eyewear was launched in the 1980s when Jim Jannard sold ski goggles. He initially started the business in 1975 where he designed products that were innovative and like no other. Jannard questions products that we are accustomed to and wants to improve them so that they provide us with a better experience and also looks more visually appealing. He believes that every product has the room for improvement and can make our lives easier and more comfortable.


Oakley Transistor

The Oakley Transistor is a best-selling pair of glasses and is part of the Oakley’s Nanowire eyewear range. These special frames are specifically designed to give optimum comfort and have minimum weight. The frames are so light that you cannot even feel them. They make every activity better, as you are unaware of the eyewear, which makes things easier for you. The nose pads are adjustable for that unique fit.

OX3085The Oakley OX3085 glasses are sportscar inspired. The motorcycle company Ducati, owned by Audi, has worked with Oakley to design this model. The entire design is smooth and sleek. The stems are said to be inspired by a car body and the engineering behind the model runs just as efficiently. The hinge screws are self locking which is a high-tech feature. The temples are bridged by the finest materials, which are trialed and tested. The use of titanium alloy and UNOBTainium means they are durable and strong.

These glasses are made for men and have a rectangular shape. They are half-rimmed which is another reason as to why they are so light. It also means that the downward view is not blocked by the frame. This model comes in different colours but the pewter is the most popular selling style. The splashes of red on the temple ends are very bold and eye-catching. The colours compliment each other and are very stylish. These frames are authentically original and like nothing else seen in the eyewear industry. The signature ‘O’ logo is placed on the arms in red and give it that bold finish.