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The Hugo Boss 0374 Review

The Hugo Boss 0374 Review

Hugo Boss 0374

When looking for a frame you want something that reflects your personal taste and style. The Hugo Boss 0374 is for you if you want a smart looking frame that is practical and simply designed. The metal frames offer wearers a sleek, professional look. The signature clean lines of the Hugo Boss eyewear collection is synonymous with its craftsmanship; precise and of the highest quality.

Men who go for these glasses may possess an intellectual aura and may prefer bars to nightclubs, and fine dining to take-outs.The Hugo Boss 0374 has a rectangle frame shape, like most of the styles in the Hugo Boss collection. Even though this frame shape may suit oval and round faces more, it is not to say that other face shapes cannot wear these glasses. After all, when choosing a frame your personality, taste and style comes into play. The frame colours available are blue, black, silver and olive. The small detail on the frame temples is very similar to the 0368 model.

These frames are full rimmed which holds the lenses firmly in place compared to semi rimless frames.Most types of lens designs can be applied to these frames. Photochromic tints can also be applied. Special coatings i.e. anti-reflective, scratch resistance are available. Additionally, Fashion Eyewear offers premium and elite lens coatings which provide the ultimate protection against reflection, scratches, dirt, and even water. Ask us for more details about our Essilor lenses.

About Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss was born in Germany, 1885. He started up the Boss brand in 1924 where he was operating in a small workshop. He later was declared bankrupt and passed away in 1948. The Valentino Fashion Group bought the Boss brand in 2005. The Hugo Boss 0374 is from the Boss Black eyewear collection and is one of the brand's best sellers.

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