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The Gentlemen

Fashion Eyewear as seen in “The Gentlemen”

The Fashion Eyewear team are loving “The Gentlemen” film and the glasses worn by so many of the cast. A Guy Ritchie classic starring top Hollywood actors Charlie Hunnam, Matthew McConaughy, Colin Farrell, Hugh Grant and Michelle Dockery to name a few. If you love a London gangster film filled with plots, schemes and blackmail then you’ll love this one and the glasses too!

To get the look of our favourite actors shop below:


Raymond, also known as Ray, is played by Charlie Hunnam. Although a gangster, he’s a rather loveable one! So if you want to get Raymond’s chic, gentlemanly look shops our range of Persol Glasses.

Persol is a luxury men’s eyewear retailer with Italian heritage. The brand was created in Turin, Italy in 1917 by optician and photographer Giuseppe Ratti. Initially designed for comfort and protection for aviators and sports drivers, now Persol is adopted by stylish men worldwide. Persol stands for elegant, stylish design, excellent quality lenses, wearability and comfort. Perfect for high-quality prescription glasses - we can see why Ray wore them!

Shop your Persol Glasses below then add your prescription lenses:


Fletcher, the comic gangster (if you can have one of them), played by Hugh Grant is never seen without his Ray-Ban Wayfarers with orange-tinted lenses! Although he stirs drama throughout the film he does it in style with his 70’s attire, and the orange tint lenses complete his edgy persona perfectly.

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer is one of our best selling frames and one of the most recognisable styles, not only by Ray-Ban but in the history of sunglasses! Originally designed by Ray-Ban in the 1950s the Wayfarer is completely customisable, available in a large range of colourways, materials and styles. So if you don’t fancy orange tint lenses you can pick your own combination!

Shop the Ray-Ban Wayfarer and don’t forget to add your prescription lenses!


The ‘Coach’ is played by Colin Farrell. His character is slightly more laid back than some of his fellow “gentlemen” and his attire matches his character. The styling approach is more 70’s hooligan than gentleman but we love the look and the oversized retro frames to match. In fact, these frames are on-trend for 2021 so the Coach is definitely on style for this year! We can’t help you re-create the two-piece tracksuit, but we can help you find a pair of oversized frames with these Gucci GG08440.