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Signs You Need An Eye Test

Signs You Need An Eye Test


There comes a point when we all realise our eyesight isn’t quite what it used to be. Whether you have always needed glasses or never had a prescription your eyesight can change. With the rise in digital technology and everyone glued to their screens, the age of people needing varifocal glasses is decreasing greatly to the 30’s. More and more children and young adults are needing glasses because with so much screen grazing their eyes aren’t being exercised in the way they used to be.



It happens to us all at some point but what are the signs you need an eye test?






Headaches are caused when your eyes are strained and overtired, therefore your brain overcompensates causing a headache.



Eye Fatigue



Driving and being on a computer for long periods of time can be a cause of eye fatigue. However, if your eyes continue to feel tired you should make sure you don’t need to change your prescription by getting an eye test






If the sun is directly hitting your eyes then it is totally normal to squint, however, if you find yourself squinting while reading or struggling to focus on words then you should get your eyes tested.



Blurred Vision



Can affect one or both eyes. If you are struggling to read or see due to blurred vision you should definitely get your eyes tested. This could also be a consequence of Photophibia which is where your eyes are sensitive to light.






Do you work on screen a lot? Are you a big user of your phone? To avoid your eyesight getting considerably worse we recommend our blue light coatings to be added for your favourite glasses, we have a range of brands you can choose from, Nikon, Essilor or our standard Fashion Eyewear packages. These Blue Light Coatings reflect the glare of digital screens which can cause your eyesight to deteriorate faster as well as protect your glasses by adding a protective layer. Even if you don’t need a prescription you may benefit for a pair of plain glasses with a Blue Light Coating.



If you do need glasses we have a variety of styles and brands you can choose from so that you can wear the most fashionable frames.



But, which style to go for?






Butterfly glasses are on style for 2020, shop Chanel for the most recent Butterfly styles.








If you are after a round style try an Oliver Peoples frame. They make the Harry Potter style a trend for any year.








The 70's oversized square frame is one of the most popular shapes for 2020 in optical and sunglasses. To be ultimately on-trend shop the Dior Stellaire.








When is the Aviator not in style? If you are after this staple shape you must shop Ray-Ban.








Fashion Eyewear is an online optician, therefore you can add your prescription to any of our eyewear whether they are a pair of sunglasses or optical. Simply shop our prescription sunglasses selection or glasses on our website. Choose your favourite frames and click ‘add prescription’. Our simple step by step check out will help guide you through our lens packages, brands and choices. We have every lens type available to fit your needs, whether you need single vision, varifocal, distance or for driving. We also have the best lens brands for you to choose from Essilor, Nikon, Maui Jim, Ray-Ban, Oakley and our own Fashion Eyewear standard packages. After choosing your coatings, add your prescription and use our Fashion Eyewear Pupillary Distance Metre to measure your PD.



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