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Protect your children's eye health - Experts warn of impact of UV exposure on kids

Protect your children's eye health - Experts warn of impact of UV exposure on kids

It is a well know, effectively distributed fact that UV exposure can have an extremely adverse effect on our skin. Prolonged and intense UV exposure on skin can lead to skin cancer and can prove fatal.

However, the lesser known and un-effectively distributed fact is that UV exposure can have just as damaging and severely impactful and irreversible effects on your eyes. In fact, UV exposure has the potential to cause serious eye damage which can lead to eye diseases and even blindness.

So, the question is…how often do you ensure that yours and your children’s eyes are protected from the sun?


Studies have shown that, according to an esteemed Sydney Ophthalmologist Dr Shanel Sharma, “UV damage to eyes occurs in childhood and is linked to eye disease later in life, including cataracts, pterygium, solar keratopathy and skin cancer of the eyelids and around the eyes”.

UV exposure on eyes, especially children’s eyes is dangerous because “they are still developing and their lenses aren’t able to filter UV light as effectively as adults”.

This is a serious cause for concern as we have seen, on a global scale, sharp inclines of children being treated with “significant UV damage to their eyes”.

Protection against UV exposure on eyes is essential and so here are some handy, employable tips that will help keep your children’s eyes safe and protected.

  • Make sure your child wears a broad brimmed hat when outdoors as this will provide full coverage and thus full protection from the suns beaming rays.

The importance of sunglasses

  • Wearing sunglasses outdoors, especially when the sun is out and shining is incredibly important if you wish to ensure your eyes are protected from UV exposure. Sunglasses should preferably be a wraparound style frame as these will provide the best protection: wraparound sunglasses are specifically designed to minimise unfiltered side light from entering eyes.
  • Lenses must have UV 4000 protection.
  • Lens coatings are essential and will block reflected light – polarised lenses are preferable.

Your eyes should be treated with just as much care and protection as your skin in the sun. Protection must begin in childhood to ensure eyesight stays strong for a lifetime.

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