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The Prada PR 16MV | Prada VPR16MV

The Prada PR 16MV | Prada VPR16MV

Prada PR 16MV | Prada VPR16M

Prada was started by Mario Prada and his brother Martino in 1913 under the name ‘Fratelli Prada’ (Prada Brothers) in Milan. It was a leather goods shop that sold English imported goods, mostly women’s handbags and steamer trunks.


Mario prevented any of his female family members working for the company as he believed women did not have a place in business. Ironically, his son did not have any interest in working for the company so Prada was handed down to Mario’s daughter, Luisa. Luisa Prada ran the business for almost 20 years before handing it down to her daughter, Miuccia, in 1978 after she had been working there for 8 years.

A year before Miuccia Prada took over the company she met Patrizio Bertelli, a man who started his own leather goods business at the age of 17. He joined Prada as business manager and began advising Miuccia on how to better the company. His first decision was to stop importing and to instead use Italian only goods. With Bertelli in charge of the business aspect of things, Miuccia was able to take on a more creative role in designing the products. Miuccia’s designs are what have made Prada what it is today, recognised by the fashion world as innovative and by the public as luxurious.

The Prada PR 16MV | Prada VPR16M is an almost square shaped acetate model from Prada, which encompasses the ‘geek chic’ style of the moment. A thick frame makes this a very bold model, and a variety of colours are available; the most popular colour being the ‘Havana’ brown.

Lenses that can be fitted to the Prada PR 16MV or VPR16M frames include regular thickness or thinner options (up to four times thinner than standard). Not only do thinner models look more attractive, especially for those with high prescriptions, but they are also stronger and more durable. Anti scratch lenses are fitted as standard, and an anti reflection coating is highly recommended for everybody. Other coatings include water, dust and smudge proofing. Transitions lenses can be fitted, as can varifocals.

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