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Oliver Peoples Fairmont OV5219 Review

Oliver Peoples Fairmont OV5219 Review

Opticians and brothers Larry and Dennis Leight made their dreams come true when they opened their first optical boutique store in Hollywood, California. The layout of the store is just as important as the products themselves. Creative director, Larry Leight, wishes to give people a unique retail experience when shopping in the Oliver Peoples stores. Stores are set in a gallery-like setting and you are able to view glasses with ease. Leight won a collection of pristine vintage glasses, at an auction back in 1986, which came with a receipt. Printed on the receipt was the name ‘Oliver Peoples’ and out of honour Leight sold the glasses in his name; a brand was born.

The Oliver Peoples Fairmont is a new release from the brand’s optical collection. Inspired by the iconic Oliver Peoples O’Malley, Riley and Emerson glasses. These glasses have been modified taking the best features from these three classic best-sellers. Fairmont is available for both men and women. The rounded frame shape suits most face shapes.

The Oliver Peoples OV5219 is handcrafted with thin polished acetate which has been imported from Italy. Only premium materials are used which are tested so that the quality is the best. On the front and arms of the spectacles, two silver pins are delicately placed; this little feature makes a big fashion statement. Oliver Peoples are known for not branding their products with a logo, as the frames themselves indicate an elegant class, without the need to be marked and tied to the brand. They are so elite and high-end that those who are in the know will instantly recognize the product.

The OV5219 does have the Oliver Peoples name written on the interior of the frames to show the authenticity to the wearer. The slender and sleek spectacles have a geek chic appearance but with a slightly updated and modern edge to them. What stands out the most is the nose bridge, which is slightly thicker than the rest of the frame and has a keyhole loop. This is highly stylish and sits well on the face for added comfort. These glasses come in different colours and textures; namely black and Havana which is both popular. One thing is for certain, whichever colour you decide to choose, class and style is personified.

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