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Oliver Peoples Casandra OV5235S Review

Oliver Peoples Casandra OV5235SEstablished in 1986 in Los Angeles, Oliver Peoples is one of the most prestigious eyewear brands in the world. Founder Larry Leight was born and raised in California and studied to become a certified optician.

Oliver Peoples sunglasses



The name, which is the brand’s “lucky charm”, comes from a mysterious distributor in Connecticut, who the brand got their first frames, lenses and machinery from. At the beginning, Oliver Peoples was selling original unworn eyewear from the 20s and 30s.Larry Leight then took his passion to the next level by introducing the brand’s first ever eyewear collection in 1987.

The Oliver Peoples collections represent the feel of vintage Hollywood, the style of Marilyn Monroe, Gregory Peck and other 50s icons. Each model is handcrafted using the highest quality materials. The Oliver Peoples glasses and sunglasses come in a large variety of shapes, styles and colours. The materials used to produce the frames are metal and great quality acetate.

Oliver Peoples eyewear has been featured in many different magazines since its establishment, such as Vogue Germany, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.

The brand did a short film advertisement with famous Hollywood actress Zooey Deschanel to show how different sunglasses can change personality. Oliver Peoples is popular among A-listers and celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Jessica Simpson, Angelina Jolie and Jack Nicholson have been spotted wearing them. A pair of the brand’s sunglasses was featured in the film Fight Club, starring Brad Pitt.

Apart from designing first class eyewear, the brand now also creates its own in house music and launches albums each year.

Oliver Peoples Casandra OV5235SThe Oliver Peoples Casandra OV5235S is a classic piece for the fashion forward woman, who likes to get their money’s worth.

The style comes in different fashionable colours, which can easily be matched with evening wear or any everyday outfit. The frame is made of high quality acetate and offers full UV protection. The Oliver Peoples Casandra OV5235S is light and comfortable to wear. The round oversized frames represent the Hollywood glamour of the 60s and bring you back into the world of silver screen icons, such as Catherine Deneuve and Sophia Loren.