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Oakley Crosslink OX8027 In 02 Grey Smoke Review

Oakley CrosslinkOakley is a famous brand known for specializing in products that enhance performances during sports. Since 1975, the brand is known to seek problems in the world and solve them with innovative inventions, with a touch of style. One of their mottos is that nothing is impossible, that products can always be evolved to function better and look better. Their designs are inspired by looking at the world and sports for inspiration.


Oakley Crosslink OX8027

The Oakley Crosslink is a unique masterpiece made to incorporate your style and mood. You become involved with this original design. Crosslink is a true crossover design and is engineered so that the temples are adjustable and can change with different coloured temple arms. The individual will be able to go from work to play with this sleek and modern look. As Oakley claim ‘one frame. Endless possibility’ as the earstems with an interior wire core is interchangeable.

The Oakley OX8027 is fully-rimmed and has a classic rectangular shape. The masculine frame is made of fine acetate which is lightweight and durable. The brand are famous for their strong glasses, that are lighter than air, which makes them perfect for day-to-day wear to sports and fitness activities. Materials such as Unobtainium and stress-free resistant O Matter means that the glasses’ grip increases with sweat and are comfortable. OX8027The nose pads and earstems have Oakley’s famous three-point fit which means the lenses are in perfect optical alignment.

The OX8027 is very contemporary and has a sporty edge. It gives you the opportunity to add originality in seconds. This model comes with a set of temples which match the frame. There is a classic colour choice which is appropriate for work; simple and smart. Then there is the choice of bold colour and personality perfect for weekends, sports and evening recreation. You receive more than one pair of glasses in this one design. The grey smoke with luminous green temples is currently a best-seller. Oakley effortlessly combine function and character in these glasses which no other brand would dare to compete with.