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New In: Serengeti Lenses

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Our brand new Serengeti Sports range has just dropped along with new high-performance lenses to match.

About Serengeti

Serengeti is a high-end luxury sports performance brand. Known for their cutting-edge innovative production of eyewear and prescription lenses, they are among the most technologically advanced eyewear brands in the world. Each of their models has been strategically designed to look stylish and provide maximum levels of protection and comfort on and off the field.

The Guide to Serengeti Lenses

Once you have narrowed down your favourite pair of Serengeti’s you can add your premium prescription lenses, strategically designed by the brand themselves to complement their sports performance frames.


We have both single vision and varifocal lenses so we can match all your prescription needs.

Serengeti Single Vision

Single vision lenses come in a choice of Mineral lenses or PHD lenses. With this Mineral lens, you get stunning high definition, unsurpassed comfort and flawless quality. With PHD lenses, these are made from Trivex, making them impact resistant and includes the popular 3 in 1 technology from Serengeti. All lenses are 100% UVA and UVB protected and include an anti-reflection coating.

Serengeti Varifocal Lenses

Also known as progressive lenses, these varifocals come in two designs so you can buy the best lenses to meet your lifestyle or sporting needs.

Dynamic: The Dynamic lens offers an enhanced field of view for long-distance compared to near which is great for active wearers. This is recommended for sportsmen and women.

All-purpose: This is a multi-use lens, offering a wider field of view over both near and distant ranges. Recommended for daily use.

Which Material is for you?

Mineral - For Daily Use

Mineral lenses are made with boroscillate optical glass, meaning it is 20% thinner and lighter than your average lens. This provides the best visual acuity you could ever experience.

All Serengeti mineral lenses are unique. Their photochromic lens is created in their specially designed hydrogen-fueled furnace creating, they are also chemically tempered to ensure scratch and impact resistance. Choose this lens if you have a high prescription and you need to wear your glasses daily!

Trivex - For the Field

The Serengeti Trivsex PhD lens is built with NXT technology and made from Trivex material designed to withstand impacts and temperature changes. This material is lighter than the usual polycarbonate material used, offering higher optical clarity and the perfect balance of visual and physical performance. This PhD 2.0 lens also features front-side coatings which help repel water, fingerprints and debris along with the backside coating of anti-fog treatment. A coating which is needed more than ever! Choose this lens if you actively play sports to help your optical performance on the field.

Choose your Tint


Polarised lenses are extremely useful to eliminate disruptions to your eyesight. They essentially control light and eliminate disruptive glare. This ensures safety on the road as you will be protected from vehicle headlights, intense lights, shiny surfaces and reflections from the road, water, snow or parallel light rays. This lens also relieves eye fatigue and allows extreme optical clarity. You will also be protected from UV light up to 400m.

Non- Polarised

The non-polarised lens is perfect for everyday use and driving. The finest and ultimate raw materials are used by Serengeti to protect your eyes and offer the best visual acuity available on the market.

Simply follow the process and add your personalised prescription, then follow to the checkout - buying Serengeti Prescription Glasses online is easy at Fashion Eyewear!

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