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How to pick the best glasses for your hairstyle

How to pick the best glasses for your hairstyle

Now that we’re in the full throes of summer and people are starting to change their looks, we wanted to share with you some tips on how to take that makeover risk and make it into a job well done. We’ve created a little guide to help those wanting to change their look do so without any worries. This guide is also for people who are looking for better ways to accessorise their style. Let’s begin!

  1. Fringe

A fringe or “bangs” as they are known in America are the best way to make your face appear more youthful. If you have a small face plus heavy set bangs, it’s important to not wear frames that are too large for your face. This is because too much going on your face can hide your natural beauty and compress your facial features making them look unbalanced. If you have much longer or oval face with heavy set bangs then you could still get away with large frames but try to keep them not too big. You can try the cat – eye frames or even rectangular ones. The butterfly trend is also good for the summer. For smaller faces who want to try the butterfly trend, you can try “Bettie bangs” (shorter fringe named after the iconic Bettie Page) as they create more room on your face so your features aren't too crowded. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer (as seen below) is a solid choice.


  1. Curly

Instead of opting for massive voluminous curls, you might want to try soft curls that don’t overwhelm your face. Those with shorter hair and soft curls will love their glasses combination as it makes for a nice and subtle change. We recommend rectangle shaped frames as well as round frames. Brands that do this well include Miu Miu, Prada and Ray-Ban.

  1. Part

The good news is even if you have a middle part, side part or don’t wear your hair in any part – you will be happy to know that you can wear whatever glasses you would like to. All you would need to take into consideration is your face shape and how you can factor that into the frames you choose. For help with this, you can read our guide on the frame shapes for different face types. We recommend some stylish Tiffany frames.

  1. Ponytail

Pulling all the hair away from your face creates a blank canvas that you can play around with. This is the best way to wear any shape or style of glasses that you like. A ponytail not only makes you look younger but it shows of all those lovely features on your face. We recommend an elegant pair from Chanel.


  1. Streaks

If you have taken the time, money and care to colour your hair then you would probably want to draw attention to this more. Please avoid matching your hair to the frames – unless of course it is black, then you’re good to go. The glasses that you want to pick for this should be plainly uniformed as well as a solid tone. We recommend a nice and elegant pair from Lanvin or even the higher end affordable Cutler and Gross.


  1. Pixie/Short hair

You have the freedom to go wild and you can even wear wide frames. The benefits of having short hair include (but are not limited to) flexibility and versatility. Even if you have a fringe with your pixie cut you will still be able to pull off any look as the weight is taken off and you’re able to balance the hairstyle. As long as your short hair does not have a large amount of width then you’ll be fine. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer (as displayed below) is also a solid choice.


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