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How to get scratches out of your glasses?

How to get scratches out of your glasses?


Scratches in your glasses must be one of the most annoying distractions when you are trying to focus on your day to day tasks! The scratch may be tiny but can be the biggest interruption to clear vision. We think we can help. Here are some tips on how you can DIY your glasses or you may find it easier to simply just send them to us at Fashion Eyewear and we can fix them for you.



First step - You will probably want to try the DIY way, so here are some DIY tips to try at home:



Baking Soda



You may have some Baking Soda at the back of your kitchen cupboards or if not you can ask a neighbour or add it to your usual shopping list. You will find Baking Soda pretty much everywhere! This is an abrasion-proof substance which will be kind to your lenses. Simply add additional water to the baking soda until it turns into a paste, and use a scratch-free cloth to rub your lenses. Hopefully, the scratch will disappear!






Has baking soda not worked? Try some toothpaste, something we all have so a trip to the shop isn’t even needed. All you need is a small amount of non-abrasive toothpaste (below 70-80 Radioactive Dentin Abrasiveness), some cotton wool and rub your glasses to remove your scratch!



Other substances which have been known to work the DIY way:



Car Cleaning Wax



Glass Etching Cream



Metal Polish



At Fashion Eyewear, we aren't fully convinced about these DIY ways, we like to use methods we know work for sure, so...



Second Step - Reglaze your glasses at Fashion Eyewear



We know everyone is always looking for a quick fix but at Fashion Eyewear we have a quick fix that we can guarantee will work. Our reglazing service starts at £30 and is available for both your sunglasses and glasses.



What does our reglazing service offer?



Whether you have bought your frames from us or another retailer, we will get them looking as good as new. We have a simple step by step checkout process for you to follow where you can choose which lenses you would like and add your prescription at the end along with your PD. We have a single vision and varifocal lenses from a range of brands:















Or you can add our varifocal lens packages:















We have four main lens thickness on offer:












1.74 - thinnest option



Your glasses will then be returned to you within 7-14 days. We know this is a little longer than nipping to the shop for baking soda, but at least we can guarantee your glasses will be returned to you in an even better state than you sent them off in. Chose the advanced lens options and they will probably be even better than your previous lenses.



Third Step - Prevent further scratches in the future



If you are using your glasses everyday, scratches do happen, but you can easily prevent them by adding the right coating to your lenses. We strongly advise adding our Platinum coating package to your new frames for added longevity, durability and you will save money on reglazing your scratched lenses every year or so!



The Platinum package includes not only scratch-resistant coating but:






Easy Clean



Smudge Resistant



Water Repellant



UV Protection



This also comes with an 18-month warranty! So you can save time on rubbing your lenses with Baking Soda in the future with the right coating added.



So you can decide, what do you think is the best solution to fix your scratched glasses?



You can find our reglazing service HERE