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Chanel Camellia Sunglasses Collection

Chanel Camellia Sunglasses Collection

The allure of Chanel eyewear lies in so many things but as the history of Gabrielle Coco Chanel ‘s beloved camellia flower proves, true transcendental beauty and enduring charm comes from a place that is as genuine and devoted as the reverential fashion house is to every emblem that comprises the visionary’s legacy.

“Chanel is composed of only a few elements, white camellias, quilted bags and Austrian doorman’s jackets, pearls, chains, shoes with black toes. I use these elements like notes to play with.” - Karl Lagerfeld

As one of the most important elements within the brand, the Camellia lends its supple beauty to a design that has since become the French Fashion house’s most iconic symbols.

The Camellia, which symbolises purity and longevity, is symbolic of Gabrielle Coco’s personal history, her sentimentality and her passion. As the story goes, the velvet and delicate flower first captivated Gabrielle Chanel after she received one from one of her great loves, polo-player Boy Capel, as a gift. French novelist Marcel Proust, whose style Gabrielle admired, had also inspired her love of the scentless flower when he pinned a camellia to his jacket.


We here at Fashion Eyewear are happy to announce that we now have several select styles from Chanel’s popular Camellia collection available for purchase. Celebrate your incandescent beauty with Coco’s favourite flower which makes appearances in other Chanel décor and accessories such as sitting upon her trend setting lambskin tweed bags and fashioned using diamonds in Chanel’s fine jewelry range.

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For example the Chanel CH 5216 and Chanel CH 5317 sunglasses were unveiled as part of Chanel’s Spring/Summer Camellia collection. Theses popular sunglasses feature an engraving of the simplicity that is the Camellia into the temples in silver metal. The Chanel signature is inlaid next to the iconic code.

The Chanel 5317 sunglasses are acetate and are framed in a rectangular butterfly silhouette showcased in classic Black, while bold Camellias brandish the temples, delicately emphasising the gorgeous shape of the flower and frame. A signature double C logo is placed upon the petals to finish off the look.

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