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  • Diesel Sunglasses

    Best kown for their casual and denim wear, Diesel is always experimenting with new ideas, pioneering and staying ahead of trends. Mix the two and you get Denimeye, the must have sunglasses for 2015 with real denim covering the frames. A brand that doesn't differentiate between the young and the old, never goes with the flow and retains its global iconic lifestyle brand status via continuous innovation.


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8 Item(s)
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  • Diesel Sunglasses Online

    About The Company

    Diesel was first launched in the late 1970’s. The brand was taken over by one man with a dream to revolutionise fashion. Renzo Rosso bought out the brand in 1985 and became the driving force of company as well as its success. The company launched its first eyewear collection in 1994; the eyewear range is aimed at the younger generations as well as young-at-heart adults.

    Young fashionistas and trendsetters need to keep their eyes peeled for the latest Diesel prescription sunglasses. The amazing advertising campaign for the latest collection is definitely something to watch. Beautifully groomed canines replace the sultry models wearing the Diesel eyewear. It’s crazy, wild, and outrageous; exactly what this brand is all about.

    Women’s Eyewear Collection

    Love Bug - Inspired by the Sixties, these iconic round sunglasses will take you back to the past. The mirrored lenses offer a psychedelic look; there’s no doubt that you will gain some serious attention with these sunglasses.
    Flirtini – These sunglasses were created for the glamour puss; the glamorous design of these frames ooze with luxury and sophistication. The bold frame arms and twisted look design is utterly amazing to look at. If you’re serious about sunglasses, this is the model for you.

    Men’s Eyewear Collection

    Bad Max – For the bad boys in town; these seriously cool sunglasses are sleek stylish and extremely masculine. The stylish leather flaps provide comfort to the wearer and the smooth acetate frame compliments the leather nicely.
    Stealing Bullet – Masculine, urban and stylish; these Diesel prescription sunglasses are perfect for the modern man. The sleek metal frame arms contrast perfectly against the metal lens frame and acetate temple tips. Seriously sleek, and seriously cool.

    Double Trouble

    This collection is aimed at those who like something different; something that can be worn by either sexes without looking odd. These androgynous sunglasses have been designed to offer the best of both worlds. Black and blue Double Trouble is ideally for men, and the ivory and petroleum is for women. The military colours available (mud, khaki, military green) are designed for both.

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