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  • Chopard Sunglasses

    Manufactured in Italy, plated with 23 carat gold, inspired by their exclusive diamond jewellery and Swiss time pieces, the Chopard sunglasses are in a league of their own. The ultimate European sophistication from a brand associated with the Cannes Film Festival and Elton John's famous White Tie & Tiara Ball. As cool as a classic sports car and as glamorous as the sparkle of the eyes of a beautiful woman.


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  • Chopard Sunglasses Online

    The Chopard Story: From Watches to Jewellery

    Swiss watchmaker Louis-Ulysse Chopard founded Chopard in 1860 Chopard and by 1937 the company has expanded to 150 and relocated to Geneva where the production of jewellery segment was added to the production of high quality watches. It wasn’t until the mid-70s though, when the ladies’ jewellery timepieces were launched. Chopard’s signature Happy Diamonds watch followed suit soon featuring mobile diamonds that floated freely between two sapphire crystals.

    The Scheufele watch maker family took over Chopard in 1963 and with that a new chapter has started in the business. When Caroline Scheufele became artistic director and co-owner of Chopard brand 20 years later the company started flourishing. Caroline was passionate about drawing jewellery from a very young age and her sketch of a clown with hinged legs and a tummy full of diamonds and coloured stones became the brand’s icon and inspired its first high end jewellery line.

    Chopard Sponsorships: Cannes Film Festival, Elton John AIDS Foundation

    Chopard started major partnerships from the late 80s onwards, starting with Mille Miglia, the legendary classic car rally in Italy. The brand became an official partner of the Cannes Film Festival in 1988 and Caroline Scheufele has redesigned the Golden palm award, the Palme d’Or with the team of Chopard master craftsmen and is from that time on crafted in Chopard workshops. Since 1998 the brand has been sponsoring legendary White Tie & Tiara Ball, organised by Sir Elton John.

    The Chopard Eyewear

    The signature colours of Chopard are royal blue and gold, with gold being present in on all the frames: white, yellow, rose gold or dyed black, all frames are plated in 23 carat gold. Both the sunglasses and the optical collections have a double layer of the gold-plating as after the white gold first layer is the actual colour applied, resulting in a thick, durable layer. The acetate frames are all hand polished with bamboo which gives the eyeglasses a softer, higher shine.

    The stones in the Chopard frames have the same setting as in the jewellery, making sure they won’t fall out. Chopard offers a two-year no quibble warranty and in case your Chopard glasses would need repairing, don’t worry, Chopard will replace your frames instead of patching up the old pair.

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