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  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Glasses

    Young and irreverent, Marc by Marc Jacobs' chic, vintage-inspired design combines a practical urban style with irony and coloured details. Original Marc Jacobs details at an affordable price, created for those conscious and sure of their own style.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

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  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Glasses Online | Marc by Marc Jacobs Prescription Glasses

    About Marc Jacobs

    He was the youngest designer to be awarded with the fashion industry’s highest tribute, the CDFA Perry Ellis award for ‘New Fashion Talent’ in 1987. Jacobs started up his self-titled label in 1986.

    Jacobs was awarded with the CDFA ‘Women’s Designer of the Year’ award in 1992 for one of his contemporary collections. The fashionably cool label gained a massive celebrity fan base of those who include high-profile models, actors, and musicians.

    Marc By Marc Jacobs Eyewear

    Jacob’s young, wild and free personality is reflected in the Marc by Marc Jacobs eyewear collection. The optical frames in the collection would appeal most to those who have a young and hip fashion sense. The brand’s consumers are usually teenagers and young adults. The contemporary flavour of this collection is truly refreshing.

    Expect to see a lot of colour and material experimentation like edgy frame-shapes teamed up with soft, pastel shades. Marc by Marc Jacobs eyewear is all about mixing old with new to create something unique; letting the wearer find their own style.

    You will find a lot of 1980s-inspired frame shapes within the collection as well as other easy to wear shapes such as the aviator style.

    Optyl Plastic

    Optyl plastic is a specially-formulated plastic, created by the Safilo Group. This thermoplastic material is 20% lighter than standard plastic which makes them incredibly light. Optyl plastic has a superior surface finish; it’s shiny, smooth, and smudge-resistant. If you suffer from metal allergies then you’d want to opt for a plastic frame material.

    If you are certain you only want metal frames, look for titanium or carbon fiber frame materials as they don’t contain nickel or react with the skin. Other designer frames that are made from Optyl plastic include Carrera and Gucci, however not every model in their collection will be made from Optyl plastic to keep the material’s exclusivity.

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