Hugo Boss

Class, refined elegance, care for detail and high-quality materials characterise the Hugo Boss collections. From styles well-fitting to any situation to non-conventional contrasts, there's a Hugo Boss frame for every taste.

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  1. Hugo Boss 0924
    Hugo Boss 0924
    Was $123.50 Now $68.25
  2. Hugo Boss 0679
    Hugo Boss 0679
    Was $162.50 Now $82.33
  3. Hugo Boss 1087
    Hugo Boss 1087
  4. Hugo Boss 1056
    Hugo Boss 1056
    Was $204.75 Now $136.50
  5. Hugo Boss 0765
    Hugo Boss 0765
  6. Hugo Boss 0729
    Hugo Boss 0729
  7. Hugo Boss 1093
    Hugo Boss 1093
    Was $169.00 Now $94.25
  8. Hugo Boss 0601/N
    Hugo Boss 0601/N
    Was $175.50 Now $119.16
  9. Hugo Boss 1040
    Hugo Boss 1040
  10. Hugo Boss 1005
    Hugo Boss 1005
    Was $152.75 Now $100.75
  11. Hugo Boss 1006
    Hugo Boss 1006
    Was $117.00 Now $84.50
  12. Hugo Boss 1075
    Hugo Boss 1075
  13. Hugo Boss 1049
    Hugo Boss 1049
  14. Hugo Boss 0963
    Hugo Boss 0963
    Was $162.50 Now $91.00
  15. Hugo Boss 1081
    Hugo Boss 1081
  16. Hugo Boss 0995
    Hugo Boss 0995
    Was $110.50 Now $70.41
  17. Hugo Boss 0767
    Hugo Boss 0767
    Was $149.50 Now $97.50
  18. Hugo Boss 1092
    Hugo Boss 1092
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The Boss Story

The brand was founded in 1924. Hugo Boss started up his company in Stuttgart, Southern Germany. This was during the time of the Soviet Union. He worked in his small factory before becoming bankrupt; he was then forced to close his business. The company grew into an internationally-recognised brand. They also expanded its product range, from clothing and perfumery to eyewear and accessories. It is now one of the leading fashion brands in the fashion industry.

The brand consists of seven labels; Black, Selection, Green, Orange, HUGO, Kids, and Home. The Black, Orange and Hugo collections are the three labels that offer glasses and sunglasses. The eyewear collections deliver a look that is classically timeless. The men’s collection offers sleek, streamlined designs that ooze with masculinity and sophistication. The women’s collection is no different; it’s classic, elegant, and feminine.

Boss Eyewear Collections

Boss Black is known for its good looks and contemporary style. The designs in this collection really show off the craftsmanship and quality of the frames. The modern frames are designed and crafted with precision and detail; matte finishes and stainless steel metal are the most common in this collection. Boss Orange is a label that has a young, fun and stylish look. The designs reflect the label’s casual elegance and urban style all trendsetters love.

Have fun with colour in this collection as the colour choices are plentiful. Hugo Boss Glasses use a lot of acetates to produce their eyewear. It is the popular frame material because of its non-allergenic properties. Similar to the style of the Black label, HUGO focuses more on its avant-garde style. Despite the minimal approach used to create this collection, the essence of its beauty is in the detailing. Titanium metal not only gives you a thinner and lighter frame, it’s also non-allergenic.