BOSS Sunglasses

BOSS Sunglasses

Class, refined elegance, care for detail and high-quality materials characterise the BOSS collections. From styles well-fitting to any situation to non-conventional contrasts, there's a BOSS frame for every taste.

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      56 products

      56 products

      Boss Sunglasses

      Timeless-meet-contemporary sums up Boss’s sunglasses line. Discover shades with a classic design foundation, brought alive with a bold injection of style. Ideal for everyday wear and more, these designs are the perfect addition to any glasses collection.

      The Boss sunglasses collection

      Find a full range of frames that’ll take you throughout the sunny months in our Boss sunglasses collection. These versatile, well-fitting designs deliver on classic sophistication. Discover signature matte finishes and stainless steel metal details, chunky square models, and round tortoiseshell designs that you’ll keep reaching for.

      Why choose Boss sunglasses

      Founded in 1920s Germany by its namesake, Boss has since become a major fashion label. Designs are notably sleek and modern, which is evident across Boss sunglasses. Expect expert precision and craftsmanship, along with high-quality materials.

      How to take care of your sunglasses

      Keep your Boss sunglasses in good knick for a long time to come with an easy-yet-regular care schedule. First of all, make sure you keep them clean - especially when you’re using them. All you need is gentle soap and lukewarm water, or a specially formulated lens cleaning solution. Other cleaners may contain chemicals that are too harsh, and may end up warping your lenses and removing their UV protection. If smudges appear on the lenses or frames, the best cleaning cloth to use is a microfibre option. Gently buff the marks, and you’re good to go. Although your shirt tail is nearer by and easier to grab, the fibres may accidentally cause scratches. Finally, keep your Boss shades in their case whenever you’re not wearing them. Whether you keep them in your bag, tucked in a cupboard, or by your front door - this will protect them from dust, as well as knocks and bumps.

      Buy Boss sunglasses online

      Find Boss sunglasses to buy online, right here. We stock a range of the brand’s latest styles, available in numerous colourways, sizes, and materials. Looking for a pair of Boss glasses to match? Browse our collection online, which is complete with prescription lens options.