Celine Glasses

Celine Glasses

Celine Vipiana was not even thirty years old when she labelled her eponymous brand with her given name. The year was 1945 when the business began as a made-to-measure shoe service for children. Today, the idea of Parisian chic, with savoir-faire and the finest quality materials as pillars of the house is reinforced by artistic director Hedi Slimane through the ateliers at 16 rue Vivienne. Combined with ready-to-wear and accessories, his ‘haute couture’ designs showcase the meticulous possibilities of French craft within the Celine wardrobe.

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  1. Celine CL50086I
    Celine CL50086I
  2. Celine CL50084I
    Celine CL50084I
  3. Celine CL50077I
    Celine CL50077I
  4. Celine CL50041I
    Celine CL50041I
  5. Celine CL50066I
    Celine CL50066I
  6. Celine CL50060U
    Celine CL50060U
  7. Celine CL50037U
    Celine CL50037U
  8. Celine CL50056I
    Celine CL50056I
  9. Celine CL50046I
    Celine CL50046I
  10. Celine CL50035I
    Celine CL50035I
  11. Celine CL50024U
    Celine CL50024U
  12. Celine CL50036U
    Celine CL50036U
  13. Celine CL50023I
    Celine CL50023I
  14. Celine CL50029I
    Celine CL50029I
  15. Celine CL50032I
    Celine CL50032I
  16. Celine CL5008IN
    Celine CL5008IN
  17. Celine CL50027I
    Celine CL50027I
  18. Celine CL50019I
    Celine CL50019I
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Prescription Lenses and Coatings

Our qualified in-house opticians can also fit your Celine glasses with prescription lenses. From standard lenses to thinner and lighter lenses, there is a lens option that is right for you. For those who require varifocal lenses, most of the Celine frames are suitable for varifocal prescriptions. It is advisable that you opt-in for lens coatings. Lens coatings help to protect your lenses from scratches and damage. The most advanced lens coatings will also repel dirt, dust, smudges and oils from sticking onto the lenses.

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