Carrera Eyeglasses

Carrera Eyeglasses

With racing at the heart of the brand, Carrera is designing eyewear to fit the needs of people living in the fast lane of life. Drawing inspiration from a heritage of sports and fashion, Carrera eyeglasses are created using four key design principles.

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  1. Carrera 1120
    Carrera 1120
    Was $110.50 From: $48.75
  2. Carrera 176
    Carrera 176
    Was $104.00 From: $46.05
  3. Carrera 157/V
    Carrera 157/V
    Was $126.75 From: $55.25
  4. CARRERA 248
    CARRERA 248
  5. Carrera 200
    Carrera 200
    Was $107.25 From: $52.00
  6. Carrera 8828/V
    Carrera 8828/V
    Was $123.50 From: $52.00
  7. Carrera 225
    Carrera 225
    Was $100.75 From: $42.25
  8. Carrera 211
    Carrera 211
    Was $117.00 From: $48.75
  9. Carrera 8853
    Carrera 8853
    Was $139.75 From: $68.25
  10. Carrera 1116
    Carrera 1116
  11. Carrera 177
    Carrera 177
    Was $113.75 From: $55.25
  12. CARRERA 239
    CARRERA 239
    Was $123.50 From: $52.00
  13. Carrera 191/G
    Carrera 191/G
    Was $123.50 From: $52.00
  14. Carrera 2008T
    Carrera 2008T
  15. Carrera 2007T
    Carrera 2007T
    Was $87.75 From: $32.50
  16. Carrera 8835
    Carrera 8835
  17. Carrera 8834
    Carrera 8834
    Was $113.75 From: $35.75
  18. Carrera 8833
    Carrera 8833
    Was $126.75 From: $48.75
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Carrera Glasses

Carrera is one of the most prestigious prescription glasses brands. Specialising in luxury frames for sport, leisure and fashion, Carrera glasses are the perfect brand for someone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Carrera was founded in 1956 in Austria and was inspired by the Pan Americana racing event. This inspiration from one of motorsports toughest events has driven Carrera to produce versatile and durable frames that are made from the highest quality materials without ever compromising the stunning designs. Carrera frames promise a comfortable wearing experience to ensure your everyday glasses not only look amazing but feel it.

The Carrera optical line has a wide range of lens shapes and colours to choose from. From rimless Carrera glasses to bold chunky frames this range provides everything you could want from luxury glasses. By investing in Carrera glasses, you will be wearing one of the premier, highest quality luxury frames that are available.

To take your frames to the next level, our in-house opticians will add your prescription for you. Additionally, Fashion Eyewear’s elite protective coating is a brilliant way to ensure your new purchase stays in pristine condition. With anti-glare and scratch resistance along with UV protection among other benefits, it’s the perfect addition for your new glasses.