With racing at the heart of the brand, Carrera is designing eyewear to fit the needs of people living in the fast lane of life. Drawing inspiration from a heritage of sports and fashion, Carrera glasses are created using four key design principles.

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  1. Carrera Junior Carrerino 68
    Carrera Junior Carrerino 68
  2. Carrera Maverick CA6666
    Carrera Maverick CA6666
  3. Carrera Maverick CA6665
    Carrera Maverick CA6665
  4. Carrera Maverick CA6664
    Carrera Maverick CA6664
  5. Carrera Maverick CA6663
    Carrera Maverick CA6663
  6. Carrera Maverick CA6661
    Carrera Maverick CA6661
  7. Carrera Maverick CA6659
    Carrera Maverick CA6659
  8. Carrera Front Clip-On 5032COV
    Carrera Front Clip-On 5032COV
  9. Carrera Front Clip-On 5023COV
    Carrera Front Clip-On 5023COV
  10. Carrera Front Clip-On 5022COV
    Carrera Front Clip-On 5022COV
  11. Carrera CA8824V
    Carrera CA8824V
  12. Carrera CA8823V
    Carrera CA8823V
  13. Carrera CA8802
    Carrera CA8802
  14. Carrera CA8801
    Carrera CA8801
  15. Carrera CA8800
    Carrera CA8800
  16. Carrera CA7589
    Carrera CA7589
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