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Carrera Grand Prix 2 Sunglasses Review

Why The Carrera Grand Prix 2 Is More Stylish Than Other Designer Sunglasses!Featuring the Carrera Grand Prix 2, this model has been competing for the top spot as the best selling sunglasses of the year with some seriously tough models.

Produced by Carrera, who are known for their sport-inspired eyewear, the Grand Prix 2 looks bold, modern, and striking. The racy stripe design on the frame and temple stems reflect the brand's heritage and identity. These cool, designer sunglasses are great for people who love to stay ahead of fashion trends or want to start their own trends. Fashion is supposed to be fun and personal, so make sure your eyewear reflects your personal tastes, style and personality.

If you have an elegant, feminine style and prefer glamorous frames, it's highly doubtful that you'll want these Carrera Grand Prix 2 sunglasses for long. However, if you are someone who like to constantly change their style and look, go for it! This sporty style is totally different from any other sport styles around. Even though this model looks quite masculine, it's a unisex frame so it caters to both men and women. The modern squared-aviator frame style is perfect as it suits nearly all face shapes and sizes. The Grand Prix 2 has graduated lenses, a really cool and fashionable trend that has taken over standard full-tint sunglass lenses.

The graduated or gradient style is very popular especially with hot celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Paris Hilton and trend-setting songstress-come-fashion designer, Gwen Stefani. The Grand Prix 2 comes in four different colours for you to choose from including the classic white/red, black/white, racy blue, and the black/red model seen above. If you compare these Carrera sunglasses with other designer sunglasses in the brand's collection, you will notice how unique and stylish this model actually is. From the distinctive squared-aviator shape to the gradient lenses, it's clear to see that this model is super trendy.

Why The Carrera Grand Prix 2 Is More Stylish Than Other Designer Sunglasses!The Carrera brand is also an affordable designer brand so don't think for a second that your budget won't be able to accommodate. You could probably buy two pairs of Carrera sunglasses for the price of one Dior or one Prada frame. In summary this designer frame ticks all boxes from design to style, to price.

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