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What Does Your Eyewear Say About You?

What Does Your Eyewear Say About You?

We all have that one style, shape or brand of sunglasses that we own or will always reach for first when we go shopping. Have you ever thought about what draws you to that particular pair of sunglasses or glasses? Is the majority of your eyewear of the same brand, style or shape? A recent study found that the styles and accessories we choose are inherently linked to our personalities. So in short, what you wear and what you consciously choose to wear say a lot about you.

Cat – eye

This style is seen as a veteran style that has been around for a long time. If you are a Mad Men fan (like us) you might remember seeing some styles 60’s inspired frames in this style. Since this shape of frames is known to act as a natural face lift and enhances the cheekbones and angular features of your face, it would suggest that you are someone who cares a lot about their appearance and makes an effort to look great. Our favourite cat – eye frame at the moment is the Chanel 3303B. Regal and statuesque in design.



Rectangle frames are perhaps the most basic and standard style of frames on the market today. They have even outlived some of the crazier shapes that were around when they first strolled onto the scene. You are a simple person who loves a trendy minimalistic and well put together outfit. Your wardrobe could include simple core colours and a multitude of monochrome options. We like the Ray-Ban Wayfarer RB5184 glasses in a cool toned gradient grey on black colour. Simple yet stylish.



The square shaped frame is much beloved as it is versatile and can be suited to multiple face shapes. This shape is good for those that like to switch up their style so to speak. You are probably a high energy person who likes to experience new things and likes to take risk, no matter how big or small they may be. For you, we like the Céline CL41351 glasses in their trendy and unique Havana colour. Chic Parisian Flair.


Decorated Temples

You know what suits you and you like to highlight your best features. You want to stand out, but not too much. Decorated temples are always a good idea; no matter your face shape or the colour of your frames. We recommend a classy and timeless pair from Chopard. These VCH0995S glasses are perfectly petite and the best way to adorn you face in a classically stylish way.



We like the Burberry BE2128 glasses in the 3316 (Havana) colour. They are versatile enough to fit many face shapes and are neutral to wear all through the seasons. The round frame made its peak in the 70’s and people who were associated with it at the time were known to be peace loving and laidback. Fast forward to 2015, this frame style is known to frame your facial features elegantly. Associate with intellectual individuals as well as people who are artistic.


T-Bar and other unconventional styles

You may have been aware of certain Dior styles making the rounds; you know the ones with a Top Bar joining the lenses? The Dior So Real and the Dior Reflected sunglasses. People who are drawn to these are stylish trendsetters who are always ahead of the curve. Understanding the power of these stunners is essential in order to maintain a good style conscience. We like the newer Dior Reflected sunglasses for their on trend simplicity. Their time is coming.



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