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Top 10 Black Friday shopping tips to get the best deals

Top 10 Black Friday shopping tips to get the best deals

The magic of Black Friday is almost akin to the magic of Christmas (almost). In any case, it is certainly something we look forward to with anticipate hearts and loosened purse strings.

Black Friday presents you with the opportunity to bag yourself countless bargains, to purchase the items you may not otherwise have been able to afford. The problem, however, is that Black Friday shopping deals may not be all they seem. In fact, in order to make the most of Black Friday and obtain the best deals possible it is important to first do your research.


  1. Homework

The people who get the best deals on Black Friday are always the ones that have done their research. Luck rarely comes into it. Begin researching Black Friday deals at least a week before the big day. Look online, in magazines, because retailers often begin announcing their Black Friday deals prematurely. If you know what deals are on you can compare them in order to clench the best one. And remember, don’t forget about Cyber Monday! Cyber Monday now lasts for a whole week online.

  1. The Price Comparison

When heading into Black Friday territory, don’t forget to perform the all-important price comparison check. You can do a thorough check by heading onto all the retailers’ websites and making a note of the up and coming deals. Warning: A price comparison will not be effective in all instances. Some retailers, particularly the large ones, will not make their best deals publicly available.

  1. It’s not what you know, but who you know…

Use social media! Today, social media can be the best tool for acquiring knowledge, and fast. Log onto your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts etc. and scroll to see who is posting about Black Friday deals. Better still, add or follow the retailers you wish to purchase products from and try to sign up for alerts to Black Friday incentives and discounts. Also, ask your friends directly. Finding a savvy deal may turn out to be as easy as sending a quick text message.

  1. The three B’s: Budget, Budget, Budget…

Black Friday can be a godsend right before Christmas; however it can also turn out to be, despite its purpose, quite an ‘accidently’ expensive occasion. To make sure you don’t get too excited this Black Friday and accidentally overspend, it is important that you set yourself a budget cap. This means that you also need to make a list of the things you would like, go after them, and understand that you may not be able to come away from Black Friday with everything you wished for. Be expectant (good deals exist) but don’t forget to be realistic.

  1. Use your Phone…

If you are planning to head out to the Black Friday sales, make sure to have your phone charged and handy. You can download barcode scanners as well as the retailers’ own shopping apps.

  1. Clue-up on retailers’ policies

Look out for price matches. Some retailers will make this information available so you know you are getting one hell of a good deal. Also, make sure to check the retailers’ return policies. When purchasing products on Black Friday these polices could very well differ from the usual policies.

  1. The price is not everything…

This really only applies to items, such as TVs and Fridges etc. that you will be needing to function to the best standard, most likely for years to come. Do not let a cheap price persuade you to buy a product that is not right, or good enough for you. When seeing the words ‘Half Price’ etc. do not forget to check the specs the same as you would on any other day of the year. After all you’re looking for a cheap price, not a poor quality…

  1. Look out for loyalty schemes

Lots of retailers have loyalty schemes you can sign up for to receive promotions and even better Black Friday deals. You will receive emails, text messages etc. alerting you to up and coming schemes and you could even receive ‘exclusive offers’. For what it’s worth, it’s worth being loyal…

  1. The early bird catches the… great Black Friday deals!

It pays to get a head-start, or should I say, it saves to get a head start. Shopping on Black Friday is not like shopping on any other day of the year. This needs to be in your head when approaching this occasion because there will be people, many people, who will have spent the past year, maybe even many of them, studying and preparing for Black Friday when they will take that last dress in your size or shoes or bag or hoover…and then you will feel a little silly for not having planned ahead.

  1. Fashion Eyewear

There is no better way to top up the feeling of luxury in your life than by purchasing a brand new shiny pair of designer sunglasses or eyeglasses. Whether you want to replace your worn out specs or simply treat yourself, Black Friday is a day to visit Fashion Eyewear and grab the most inexpensive, luxurious eyewear products on the market!

Happy Shopping!