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The Tag Heuer Reflex 2 Review

The Tag Heuer Reflex 2 Review

The Tag Heuer Reflex 2

This is a short review on the Tag Heuer Reflex 2. The Reflex 2 series is the upgrade to the classic Reflex series.

Not only does it look better, the lines are sleeker and the frame shape is more rectangle than oval. The edgy look of the Reflex 2 would suit those who are daring with lots of individual style and is somewhat rebellious.

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These glasses will live up to your wild expectations. They've been tested in laboratories by leading athletes and industry professionals before being released to the public. The Tag Heuer Reflex 2 series is composed of 8 different models, four less than the original Reflex series, however there is a better choice for colours with the Reflex 2 series. All of the glasses are hinge-less and are available in all three frame settings; full rimmed, semi, rimless.

The straight line stems will gently grip the head by applying a light lateral pressure to the temples. These glasses are perfect for you if you wear any protective head gear for transport or for work. When playing sports, these glasses are a real treat for the wearer. They've been designed to withstand strenuous sports activities as well as daily life duties. The Elastomer coated stems provide the ultimate wear ability and the beta-titanium metal gives you a frame that is really light.

The Tag Heuer company's design philosophy is to 'fuse together' functionality and refinement to offer you the best pair of glasses on the high-end market. However, the Tag Heuer Reflex 2 is more than just a pair of optical glasses. They are a work of excellent craftsmanship and fine engineering. The designs are not only functional and comfortable, they are also beautiful to look at, outperform other glasses in stability and wear ability, ergonomic and extremely light-weight.