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The Ray Ban Round Metal RB3447 001 In Gold/Crystal Green

Click here to buy the Ray Ban Round Metal RB3447 001 in Gold/Crystal GreenRay Ban sunglasses have been seen on so many celebrities, it's becoming hard to keep track. It seems as if every well-known celebrity owns at least one pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.

Fashionistas and cool trendsetter are also lovers of the brand. These fashion junkies are only ever seen wearing the coolest gear around.

The Ray Ban RB3447 001 Available At Fashion Eyewear

If this is the case then these Ray Ban Round Metal sunglasses are the coolest models at the moment. The retro round shape and crystal green lenses work so well together. The gold frame colour sets everything off perfectly. The ultra thin metal temple stems and plastic coated temple tips offer you an incredibly light frame that is very comfortable to wear all day.


Ray Ban Round Metal Sunglasses In Gold/Crystal

The intricate detailing on the arms are extremely subtle but so beautiful as they really show off the craftsmanship of the frames. The crystal green lenses are highly functional as they look gorgeous but also blocks out 85% of visible light. The special G-15 green lenses provide more 'natural vision' than other coloured lenses such as brown.


Green lenses are also great for clarity and colour contrast. Despite these frames belonging to the men's sun collection, many women are lovers of this particular model, including famous female names. Stunning actress and model, Sienna Miller, was spotted wearing these round sunglasses. She looks uber chic and glamorous, proving that these frames are not only for men. Whether you are deciding to go for the rock look or prefer an urban-glamorous look, it's really up to you. The RB3447 001 is versatile enough to cater to any fashion style.

The One Night Only band member, George Craig, is another famous name that has been spotted wearing the Round Metal frame. Unlike Sienna who went for a more polished and preened look, George shows off his Indie-Rock side by teaming his sunglasses with a classic denim jacket and print t-shirt. He looks rugged yet super-cool and super-stylish. When it comes to price, these sunglasses are slightly more than your aviators or wayfarers. This is because there's a bit more special detail that went into this model.