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The Oliver Peoples Lance-R OV5003 Review

The Oliver Peoples Lance-R OV5003 ReviewOliver Peoples was founded in 1986 by the Leight Brothers. They opened their first optical boutique in West Hollywood, California.

Unlike any other optical store, the Oliver Peoples boutique offered customers beautiful vintage eyewear as well as a unique retail experience. Set out in a gallery-like setting, the glasses were kept in glass cases and cabinets.

The company's success began to grow and by 1989 the first international Peoples gallery boutique was built in Japan. Blending together style and craftsmanship, the company produces high-quality eyewear that is fashion-forward and incredibly unique. The Oliver Peoples Lance-R is a cool and quirky optical frame from the brand's latest collection. The 1002 Storm model (pictured above) would be great for people who love the look of a semi-rimless frame but prefer fully-rimmed frames.

Oliver Peoples Lance-R

The Oliver Peoples Lance-R in Moss Tortoise Green

The clear acetate on the bottom rim of the Lance-R 1002 appears invisible, forcing the eyes to focus on the top half of the frames. The eight stunning colours that this model comes in is beyond words. The colour variations are simply amazing! Find your eyes immersed in the charm of the 5003 1211 in Moss Tortoise green or the beautiful honey-coloured hue of the 5003 1011 in Sycamore.

Oliver Peoples OV5003 Collection Now At Fashion EyewearWhatever style you choose; whether you prefer formal black or mesmerizing green, there is definitely a frame colour in the Lance-R collection for you. The acetate that the Oliver Peoples OV5003 is made from is extremely durable, strong, yet very lightweight. Acetate is a frame material that is very easy to clean and maintain. The superior high-gloss surface of the spectacle is due to the organic sources that the acetate was made from.

The smooth texture of the OV 5003 is very gentle against the skin and also very comfortable to wear. Made to last, the Lance-R can be worn all day without any hassle at all. All of Peoples spectacles are designed without the use of brand logos or labels. For authenticity and identification, you can see the brand name laser-printed on the inner side of the frame arms. To the outside world the frames are anonymous however to elite members or those who are familiar with the designs of the brand, the frames are instantly recognisable.