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The Oliver Peoples Alix OV5164 Review

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This is the Peoples' Alix. The model is from the brand's latest optical collection released this year and already it's proven to be one of the most popular frames in the collection.

Sleek, sophisticated and very elegant; the Oliver Peoples Alix is absolutely stunning to look at. The beautiful high-gloss finish of the frames is even visible in this image of the model. For a brand like Peoples, they would not cut back on their standards of quality or craftsmanship. Every frame produced by the company is hand-crafted and created using human-operated machinery. This model is a simple frame that has been beautifully made. The Alix doesn't need much detail or 'frills' because it's really made to a very high standard.

Oliver Peoples Alix

The Oliver Peoples OV5164

This model is very understated and would suit individuals who love minimal detail when it comes to eyewear. The delicate hinges are concealed perfectly by the thin frames and on the inside of the frame arms, you will find the brand laser-etched for authenticity and not vanity-branding purposes. This is a brand that doesn't want to brag about their designer status. That is why Oliver Peoples is not a brand that will appeal to everyone.

People who love their designer labels may not want to go for a pair of Peoples frames because all of their eyewear are label-less. This innovative approach that was thought up by the founders of the company, Larry and Dennis Leight. The Leight brothers wanted to give their customers to seriously appreciate the quality and craftsmanship instead of the designer brand that the eyewear belongs to. The Oliver Peoples OV5164 comes in a good range of colour variations including the popular Cocobolo (OV5164 1003).

The Oliver Peoples Alix 1209 In Rouge

The seriously gorgeous red, Rouge (OV5164 1209), is amazing and would look great on women who want a colourful new addition to her eyewear collection. The oval frame shape is simply gorgeous and would suit most face shapes. Oval frames have a very feminine appeal so if you prefer eyewear that is very romantic, whimsical and elegant go for this frame.