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The Chanel CH3219 C501 In Black

The Chanel 3219 C501 In BlackThis is one of the most classic and timeless frames from the brand's optical collection.

Seen on the most trendiest fashionistas to doting Chanel lovers, these spectacles are the perfect accessory for any outfit. If you are looking to add a delicate designer accessory to complete your look, the 3219 model is right for you.

The Chanel 3219 is an elegant frame that looks simple and totally understated. The frames are designed for women's faces; the square/cat-eye shape looks great on any face shape. The thin full rimmed frame may look dainty but it's very strong and resilient. Don't forget to opt for lens coatings whether you wear prescription lenses or not. Lens coatings keep your lenses free from scratches, dirt, smudges and dust.


Glasses are a great accessory for achieving updating your look instantly. For ladies who want to achieve a more sophisticated look with their eyewear, wear these frames with tailored pieces such as a fitted blazer or a beautiful silk blouse with tailored trousers or a pencil skirt. Complete your look with simple accessories such as a clutch bag or wear statement jewellery but remember that it's got to all be in moderation. Very strong statement accessories will overpower your whole look as well as your outfit.

When wearing colours; choose various shades from the same colour palette to build up depth. If you like this green ensemble, you may like the CH3219 1246 in Tweed Green. Every design detail, motif or icon on a Chanel frame reflects the brand's heritage and represents the late designer's identity. Coco Chanel's legend remains in every product from eyewear to handbags thanks to Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director.

The Double-C Icon On The Chanel 3219 C501 In Black

One of the signature icons, the double-C logo, can be seen on the temples on the CH3219 C501 in Black. It is said that the story behind the double-C logo is as beautiful as the brand's eyewear collection. Mademoiselle Coco Chanel once had a true love named Arthur 'Boy' Capel who died in a car accident. To remind her of her love, she developed this icon as a sentimental symbol of their love; the 'CC' stands for Chanel & Capel.