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The Chanel 3221Q C622 Black Review

Chanel 3221QCoco Chanel completely changed fashion for women. She was the first designer to make clothes comfortable for women to wear back in 1910. Stripping down all the fuss and frills and keeping everything minimalistic. Initially Coco designed hats and then brought us fragrances. She then designed clothes and accessories. Signature Chanel features and what the brand is famous for is the use of quilt, pearls, chains and tweed. The simple colours of black and white incorporated with these features makes a Chanel product instantly recognisable. Karl Lagerfeld, the current creative director for Chanel, embodies that tradition but also adds his own modern flair.

Chanel 3221Q

Lagerfeld first launched the eyewear in 1999 with the collaboration of Luxottica. The Chanel 3221Q is currently a best seller for the Chanel eyewear collection. The main feature which makes the glasses so popular and recognized as a Chanel pair is the use of chains interwoven with leather on the slender arms. The famous Chanel quilted handbags uses chains for the handles and incorporating this with the eyewear was a bold move that no other brand could imitate successfully.

The Chanel 3221Q C622 Black is simply beautiful. The black model sells the most as it is classy and chic. These glasses are smart and sophisticated and appropriate to wear everyday but they are also stylish and sassy. Suitable for any woman, of any age or fashion interests, due to its timeless appeal. Coco was known for using black and/or white and this is why the logo and campaigns to this day still uses those colours.

The 3221Q are part of the prestige collection which uses the chain detailing. The acetate frames have a slight cat-eye shape which is becoming an increasingly popular style with women. The famous double ‘C’ logo is at the hinges on gold and then the chain detail takes up most of the arms. The temple ends uses black acetate to complete the look so the chains remain tasteful and not overbearing. It also means they are comfortable on your head and around your ears. These glasses are feminine and very fashionable. Popular with many women including actress Emma Watson who is recently becoming more noticed in the fashion world.