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3 Ray-Ban Sunglasses Styles for your Little Ones

3 Ray-Ban Sunglasses Styles for your Little Ones


Your toddler, just like yourself, deserves and needs sunglasses for the changing seasons to protect their sensitive eyes, even more so than we do. We often take for granted the necessary need to protect the eyes of our young ones. What the world-renowned brand Ray-Ban understands like no other brand is function and fashion do not have to be mutually exclusive- even when concerning those who are most precious to us. Your child’s eyewear can be, like your own, fashionable, current and offer the UV protection necessary for those vulnerable eyes. Here are 3 styles from Ray-Ban tailor designed to protect those developing eyes for your young trend setters.

Ray-Ban Junior RJ9035S


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The Ray-Ban Wayfarer for Juniors are a great pair of shades to accessorise your precious rugrat. These Ray Ban's in Junior sizes are designed with all of the same features of the Wayfarer- iconic Wayfarer shape, durable full frame, visible flush pin flair on the temples, signature logo on the arms and astutely designed curved arm tips for a comfortable fit.

Ray-Ban Junior Clubmaster


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The Ray-Ban Clubmaster is one of the Junior collection’s most popular styles for children. Designed with all of the great qualities of the original, this Junior size is designed for smaller more petite face shapes and tots while maintaining all the style and integrity of the brand. The Clubmaster is made of propionate, making these the best choice for people in search of cool and durable frames for their children.

They also come in a selection of fun and on trend colours including black, red or violet on blue, green or red flash mirror lenses.

Ray-Ban sunglasses for children

A style so popular it has been in production for generations and spawned several iterations includes the Ray-Ban Aviator. Now this highly popular style is available for your stylish junior. Designed with smaller face shapes in mind, the Ray-Ban Small Aviator sunglasses are crafted with a small metal frame to provide the perfect fit for your little ones. This Petit version of the classic Aviators also provides the same excellent UV protection as its predecessor and is prescription friendly.

Ray-Ban Junior Aviator


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Ray-Ban Junior sunglasses