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Spooky Glasses for Halloween

Spooky Glasses for Halloween


Halloween may not be the same this year but you can still have fun and play dress-up at home. Make your Halloween attire even more fun by adding some quirky sunglasses that match your spooky outfit. Whether you are going devilish, a ghost or a classic witch, we definitely have the best frames so you can be on-trend even on Halloween!



Angel or Devil?



Saint Laurent has released a new heart-shaped bestseller: the Saint Laurent Lou Lou. You may be more familiar with the first generation Lou Lou, which was an oversized acetate heart-shaped frame. Saint Laurent has since redesigned this famous shape with a more sophisticated, petite metal frame - just in time for your Halloween party! Of course, you can wear the Saint Laurent Lou Lou all year round, not just when you’re playing Angel for the day.





Naughty or nice? If you are dressing up as a devil this Halloween we have the perfect way to make you the most fashionable devil this year. All you need is a pair of Celine eyewear for you to add to your red look. The Celine CL4019IN is one of our bestselling cat-eye frames, and will definitely add a stylish yet spooky edge to your Halloween look.





Ghoul or Ghost?



A Halloween classic, the ghost or the ghoul? Whichever spooky character you decide to dress up as we have the perfect white accessories to match your Halloween aesthetic. What type of ghost are you? Be a quirky one in Balenciaga, the new collection of oversized round frames is a must - we recommend the BB0120s. For a more stylish and fashionable option, go with the new AW20 Gucci frames. The Autumn collection of quilted shades would be perfect for a spooky fit - especially if you're going for a fashionable ghoul attire. Simply pair your Fashion Eyewear specs with a trendy one- piece and you will be looking scarily good for October.








Are you a big fan of Twilight and want to dress like Edward Cullen for the day? Or maybe you’re after a sophisticated Dracula look? Whatever character you are dressing up as you may as well do it in style. Adding these black Tom Ford shades with orange lenses will definitely add style and charm to your fancy dress sophisticated, sleek and spooky - perfect for a stylish Halloween vampire.





Witch it up!



Switch it up and dress as a witch for a change this year! The perfect witch and cat or witch and wizard duo will never get old, and we have the perfect black frames to add to your costume. If you haven’t browsed our Chrome Hearts collection, then Halloween is the perfect time to do it: we have some styles which are definitely fitting to the season, especially the Chrome Hearts Lil Zombie.





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