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Oakley sports lenses explained - Oakley Prizm

Oakley sports lenses explained - Oakley Prizm


Oakley has a large range of lenses and coatings designed specifically for certain sports. Many of them are linked with location, for example, some lenses are best designed for road sports like cycling or motorsports. Some are the best fit for watersports like fishing and some are designed with grass sports in mind like golf or tennis. If you are a professional athlete or a sporting enthusiast who has bought from Oakley for a long time you may know exactly which lenses and coatings suit you and your sport, however, if you're new to the sporting eyewear it may be hard to work out which coating or lens you need to add.

If you want more information on Oakley lenses as a whole we recommend you read about their single vision and varifocal lenses on our specialised Oakley page here. Once you are up to speed on the lens type you can come back and read this blog to work out which coating you need for your sporting glasses.

Prizm Sport lenses are an increased contrast lens. Their use has turned Oakley Eyewear into a piece of sports equipment, delivering next-level performance in all environments - on the road,, field, course trail or water. Prizm Sport lenses are engineered to enhance detail in precise ways for each sporting environment to help ensure no detail goes unnoticed. These sports lenses are split into specialised types of coatings: Prizm Field Prizm Road, each with a unique lens tint colour.


Prizm Field

Prizm Field is a rose lens, enhanced with Prizm ™ Technology. The Prizm Field coating is engineered to help you easily track your ball against the green grass or brown dirt by brightening up your vision. This is a lens you should buy if you play sports such as baseball, golf, football or netball.


Prizm Road

Prizm Road is also a rose lens enhanced with Prizm ™ but this time for road use. This lens is perfect for motorsports or cycling, or even if you just spend a lot of time in your car! Engineered to help you see subtle changes in road texture and quickly spot hazards on the road such as potholes, rocks or anything that could cause disruption to your cycling or driving, you will be safer and perform even better.


Prizm Dark Golf

A lens purely designed for our golfers, again the base colour is rose enhanced with Prizm ™. This lens is engineered to improve your golfing performance, helping you spot transitions between the fairway, fringe and rough and gauge distance with accuracy to help you read the course better in bright, sunny light.


Prizm Golf

Similar to Prizm Dark Golf, Prizm Golf has the same features however it has an extra focus on allowing you to see the course better.


Prizm Trail

For our trail explorers, this lens is specifically designed to help you spot transitions between dirt and distinguish possible obstacles in a variety of lighting conditions so you can ride with confidence. This is useful if you like to explore trails, hike, mountain bike or any outdoor activity where possible obstacles could hinder your performance.


Prizm Deep Water - Polarized

This is a polarised lens which helps against reflection and damaging glares which could hinder sports performance on the water. The Prizm ™ technology is engineered to cut through glare and filter the shades of blue that overwhelm your vision in open water to help you see below the surface. This is perfect for fishermen and women and can be used for any other water-based sports you enjoy.


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