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Oakley Convey Review

Oakley ConveyCrazy inventor Jim Jannard was not taken seriously by the industry for his imaginative and innovative ideas. His way of thinking is like no other and his revolutionary designs reject conventional ideas which is why they were initially seen as outrageous. Jannard and his design team believe nothing is impossible and seek to push boundaries. Their creativity, originality and use of high quality materials, give them the right to boast as the number one sporting and performance eyewear brand.

Oakley Convey

Oakley eyewear is sports-inspired and many sporting professionals are actively involved with the brand’s campaigns. Athletes genuinely wear the brand’s products because they have been proven to help during performances, be extremely comfortable, as well as look stylish. The brand initially designed for men but now have a women’s range.

The Oakley Convey frames are feminine pair of glasses that are technologically advanced to assist performances during sports. The full-rimmed acetate model is extremely lightweight and comfortable. Oakley glasses are famous for being great to wear regardless of your activity. Optical wearer’s opt for eyewear that will not irritate them, is functional enough to help them see and will have a firm grip on their face. These are stress-resistant and durable. The hinge section is flexible Oakley OX1059so that they are less likely to break and allows room for extra comfort. Additionally, the earstems are curved in order to have that perfect grip.

The Convey OX1059 glasses adjusts to your body temperature with whatever activity you may be participating in. The geek chic Convey glasses have a slight cat eye shape that is squared in the corners and is available in different colours. The famous 'O' logo is placed on the arms of the frames to show its authenticity. These glasses are part of the active lifestyle and as the brand claim these are ‘a style for every desire wrapped in the technology of every need.' Oakley is constantly redefining products by redefining what is physically possible. Their glasses for women are becoming more and more popular as they are stylish but also stick to what the brand does best, perform and deliver.