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Match your couple with the unisex Celine Shadow CL41026/S Sunglasses

Match your couple with the unisex Celine Shadow CL41026/S Sunglasses

Celine is the visionary of optics; their eyewear collections, particularly their sunglasses collections, are oozing with inspirational designs and on-trend styles. The sunglasses were created with confident chunky lines and exquisite attention to detail.

This stunning range was brought to life by world-renowned designer Phoebe Philo and has been the catalyst for many designs seen on the catwalk – they will add a delicate dose of elegance to all your outfits, season after season. Suitable for both men and women, you and your better half can flaunt matching Celine sunglasses and rule the fashion kingdom.



Become a power couple with the Celine Shadow

There are many pros to a ‘unisex’ sunglasses design – but, without a doubt, the best has to be that you can sport the same sunglasses as your partner and thus instantaneously elevate yourselves to a power couple status!

Let’s face it, even when you’re in a relationship, retaining one's individual sense of style is crucial. Besides, most men wouldn’t opt to don a pair of high knee gray suede boots and a mini skirt to go out for an evening. Still, it is great to be able to coordinate sometimes, for example by wearing cute matching onesies and fluffy socks etc.

But, with a fashion accessory like sunglasses you can really, truly, confidently strut out into the world and show them that you are not a force to be reckoned with. Matching sunglasses are all kinds of awesome, and with the Celine, oh so simple too.

The Oval shaped lenses and straight, rigid flat top on the Celine Shadow CL41026/S sunglasses make them perfect for both feminine and masculine faces. Male or female, you can look cool and bang on-trend – having the same pair of sunglasses need not be a compromise because this Celine model was created to make everyone a fashion-forward trendsetter. They are suitable for diamond, oval, round and square shaped faces. The signature three-pin design is located on the temples, which adds some edgy, luxurious attitude.

What’s more, this Celine model comes in a range of popular colors so you can express your ‘unique couple-style’.

All of the lenses are 100% UV protected too.

Be the ultimate power couple with the Celine Shadow sunglasses… Get yours HERE.