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How to Improve your Eyesight

How to Improve your Eyesight


How to Improve Your Eyesight: What Are the Myths?

From eye strain and poor health to age-related vision deterioration, several things can affect eyesight throughout our lives. But aside from spectacles, new lenses or surgery, can eyesight improve without an external intervention?

How to Improve your Eyesight

The truth is there are no quick fixes to improve vision and eyesight naturally, especially if you have astigmatism, or are near or farsighted, for example.

Corrective eyewear is the most simple and effective solution for anyone wondering how to get better eyesight, and the correct lenses, glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses can make a world of difference.

Unfortunately, there are a few myths out there for anyone wondering whether eyesight can improve naturally. When searching for information around ‘how to get better eyesight’, you’re likely to come across both nutrition and eye exercises as natural ways to get better eyesight.

  1. Nutrition

A healthy and balanced approach to nutrition has immense benefits for the human body. Can it improve eyesight or reverse vision deterioration? Unfortunately, not.

A diet that is high in natural goodness, vitamins and nutrients is beneficial for several reasons. Fruits and vegetables that are high in Vitamin A and Lutein are said to be good for eye health. Lutein is an antioxidant that is naturally found in fruits and vegetables - it’s also found in the pigment of our retina. While eating right and taking care of your body is critical, there is no scientific proof that nutrition can dramatically improve eyesight or assist in reversing deterioration. Eat well – but also get your eyes tested by a professional if you feel your vision quality is declining.

  • Eye Exercises

The idea of doing eye exercises to see better has been around since the early 1920s - but it is still unproven and won’t delay the need for glasses, contacts or surgery if needed. One exercise that you can do for your eyes is to take a break from screens or anything digital that displays blue light as often as possible. Tired eyes can certainly make your vision seem weaker, and practising looking at objects that are near and far away can help you relax.

Exercising eye muscles won’t eliminate or reverse some of the common problems that require corrective eyewear.

How to get better eyesight

While eating healthy and taking a break from screens is beneficial for overall well-being, you can’t correct or improve your vision without help from an optician.

Going for regular check-ups ensures that you won’t be straining your eyes for too long and helps to maintain your vision quality. With corrective eyewear tailored to your specific vision needs, the answer to ‘can eyesight improve’ is a firm yes!

Speak to our optician for more information on your prescription glasses.