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Haven't you seen Willow Smith starring in Chanel's FW'16/17 campaign yet?

Haven't you seen Willow Smith starring in Chanel's FW'16/17 campaign yet?

The latest eyewear campaign by Chanel has seen the luxury fashion brand break their own boundaries as they embody a new found energy and lust for life. The FW ’16 campaign gives rise to the unconventional, youthful age of Chanel with a refreshed, revitalised look. In recent years Chanel has targeted the next generation by adopting young faces such as Lily Rose Depp and Cara Delevigne.

And now it seems that Chanel want to continue to experiment with ‘the here and now’ and ‘the up and coming’ - injecting their eyewear collections with even more fire and creativity through the very popular and multifaceted singer-songwriter-composer-actress Willow Smith.

This is by no means Willow’s break into the fashion world however – signed to Management in New York and Elite Paris, Willow has already featured in a range of designers’ campaigns including and most notably Marc Jacobs’ AW16 campaign where she starred alongside Cher, Winona Ryder and Kim Gordon.

The beautiful and talented 17-year old star/ natural-born fashionista Willow Smith has recently followed in the footsteps of Cara Delevigne, starring in Chanel’s FW ’16/17 campaign. Photographed by Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld, Willow has become the new face of the luxury brands latest eyewear range, propelling Chanel’s look into an even more colourful and daring ‘to-be-explored’ territory.

Casting the fresh faced Willow has given Chanel’s campaign a distinctively current edge; not only does Willow look flawless donning the stunning Chanel eyewear collection, she also brings a certain distinguishable flavour to the campaign that is entirely unique and unmatchable.

Adopting Willow Smith to be the face of the FW’ 16/17 campaign implies that Chanel are continuing down their ‘break-the-boundaries’ road, and who knows what great and exciting things we can expect from the brand in the future?

Well, only Chanel knows that. But we can’t wait for them to invite us in to be a part of whatever new and inspiring realm they decide to explore next.

Check out the frames in the pictures above by clicking on each one and see the full Chanel range HERE.