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Glasses for him: On his wedding day!

Glasses for him: On his wedding day!


Your mates have probably been trying to distract you by keeping you calm and occupied before your big day. You have already at this point probably picked out your tuxedo and shoes and are thinking on how you are going to get your hair done on one of the most important days of your life thus far. But one thing you do not want to do is show up with your everyday glasses perched on your nose on the one day you are meant to shine in front of your glowing significant other. This is why we’ve written this guide to help you look your best in your wedding pictures. After all, our weddings are very special and don’t come around very often in our lifetimes...we would hope. Read below to see which type of groom you are!

  1. The laidback “guy’s guy”

Let’s be honest here dude, your significant other has probably been planning the majority of the events and you’ve been tagging along dutifully. We applaud your efforts! We really do, so as a reward we’ve selected our top three picks to help you ease into the role of a dutiful husband.

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Our first pick is the Tag Heuer Urban 24 TH0504. The frames are sturdy and think with square lenses that are perfect for this season’s style. We like the black palladium colour best as it will match any suit colour as any other clothing options you decide to wear on your honeymoon.

rb52995209_1 rb52995209_2 rb52995209_3

The second pick we have is the Starck PL1308 glasses. If you’re looking to stand out a little bit more and turning your style radar on, then these are the frames for you. We love this green tortoise colour. It screams spring and summer style, and your significant other will thank you for this!

rb52782000_1_1 rb52782000_2_1 rb52782000_3_1

Our last pick for you dear “guy’s guy” is the Ray-Ban 5278 frame. It’s the epitome of manliness. Just let the thick frame do the talking. Turn yourself into the click version of Hugh Jackman on his best day....accent and all.

  1. The stylish and on trend heartbreaker

So you’re used to knowing what’s on trend and how to make it look best on you? With this in mind we’ve managed to pull a few picks for you!

po3109v95_1_1 po3109v95_2_1 po3109v95_3_1

Our first pick is the Persol PO3109V in a slick black colour. The rectangle frames are absolutely perfect for most face shapes. With the classic Persol shape, by wearing these lovelies you are declaring that this is your day! The flat nose bridge also does wonders in adding comfortability.

pl13083081_1_1 pl13083081_2_1 pl13083081_3_1

Our second pick for you is the Ray-Ban RB5299 frame in a shiny back colour. The round lenses add a studious air to any face and can also bring out your facial features. They are also budget friendly and suitable for square and oval face shapes.


Our last pick for you is the Hugo Boss BOSS0595 glasses which are subtly stylish and on trend. They draw enough attention to you but not so much that you are outshining your significant other. We like the matte brown and light gold option because of the way the colours brighten up the face.

  1. The sporty outdoorsman

You are probably into your Oakley frames on a day to day basis or even while on holiday. But for your big day you might want to try something a little more casual but comfortable.

sh10170002_1_1 sh10170002_2_1 sh10170002_3_1

We love the Starck PL1017 glasses for you. They have thick frame arms that are sure to hold your eyewear in place when you decide to get down on the dance floor. They look even better in the red black red colour option.


Our second pick for you is the Boss Orange BO0056 frame. This is a much trendier frame that looks good for spring and summer weddings. The blue, white and orange colour combinations are pleasing on the eye without being too much.


Our last pick for you is the Cutler and Gross 0932 in tortoise. Dark browns and earthy tones look great in photos during the summer. And even if you are wearing a black tuxedo, these frames are the perfect statement piece to make the start of your new journey.

  1. The intellectual shy boy

For your big day, you might want to surprise your significant other by how daring you can be.


We think these Cutler and Gross 1172 glasses in Persian blue are the best way to do that. They are unconventionally built but are still light weight and on trend and can provide you with a much more stylish appearance.

po3107v24_1_1 po3107v24_2_1 po3107v24_3_1

We also like the Persol PO3107V glasses in the Havana colour. They are the perfect edge you need to spice up your look on your perfect day. The round frame is especially good for all face shapes but best on oval and square shaped faces.

rb2180v2000_1_1 rb2180v2000_2_1 rb2180v2000_3_1

Our budget friendly option is also the Ray-Ban RB2180V frame that is still in the round frame shape family but offers a little more comfortability and is very neutral. They are classic and timeless and that’s what we love about them.

  1. The risk taking entrepreneur

So you’re probably used to sitting in board rooms and having people take orders....or maybe not. Whatever the case you’re pretty sure of yourself.


For the confident man, Marc Jacobs is always the way to go, which is why we love these MJ476 glasses. They are stylishly large and captivating, in other words only to be worn by those who can handle them. Live up to your image but also take a style risk that will pay off and continue to reap rewards.


We also like these Cutler and Gross 1173 glasses in matte dark. The grey frames coupled with the red on the lenses is perfect for the spring and summer seasons. This is probably the height in eyewear trends for this season. As someone who takes risks, you might want to be at the forefront of those trends.

po3105vm96_1 po3105vm96_2 po3105vm96_3

We like the Persol PO3105VM frames in light Havana. They are a nice light weight style that will feel like you made the choice effortlessly. They are also likened to the clubmaster from Ray-Ban so if you’re into that style then this would be ideal for you.

  1. The nonconformist free thinker

Free spirits need glasses to reflect their style. We adore these Ray-Ban RB3447V glasses in either matte gold or matte silver. The round frame is perfect for all face shapes and is light weight and comfortable.

rb3447v2503_1_1 rb3447v2503_2_1 rb3447v2503_3_1

Our second option is the Ray-Ban RB2447V glasses in a daring black Havana colour. If you like that 70’s John Lennon vibe, then these should make their way to your house ASAP!

rb2447v5491_1_1 rb2447v5491_2_1 rb2447v5491_3_1

Our last pick for you is the Hugo Boss 0432 glasses in a dark brown ruthenium carbon colour. We like the stern look of the frame that is softened by the brown frame. So even if you decide to wear the brightest green on your wedding day, then the colours will still match because of the neutral colours.

boss0432e8p_1_01_ boss0432e8p_2_01_ boss0432e8p_3_01_