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Eyewear trends to watch for 2021


We can all agree that we are happy to see the back of 2020! It is time to face a new year, a new mindset and, of course, a new wardrobe. Although some recurring trends have been carried through to the Spring/Summer 2021, we invite with open arms the newest trends like the oversized statement frame! Lockdowns, however, we do not.

After all, it is only January, and you might not be thinking about Summer or getting a new pair of sunglasses to go with it - but don’t be fooled. Sunglasses are not only a summer accessory, the winter sun can also be blinding! Stay ahead of the SS21 trends and wear your new shades now.

Trends to watch this year are geometric aviators, retro styling and tinted lenses. This year is led by timeless silhouettes and, of course, the ’70s - we haven’t given up on that era yet.

Brands to keep in mind for 2021: Miu Miu, Chloe, Bottega Veneta and Gucci.


Aviators return for yet another year, but with an innovative twist for 2021. This classic silhouette has been reinvented into a new geometric shape instantly elevating this traditional style. The aviator’s lenses have also had an adaption for the new season. Tinted and ombre lenses are back and Bottega Veneta is leading the way for both styles.


We don’t think a trend blog would be complete without the Cat-Eye. At Fashion Eyewear we have every cat-eye style you can imagine, making shopping for a statement cat-eye a hard job. The best way to rule styles out is to know what style fits your face shape the best. For example, if you have a slim face shape you may want to look at our petite cat-eye frames. If you are struggling to pick a brand, you must shop Celine and their iconic petite frames. If you are after a more retro oversized shape, then we recommend the Fendi range.


A growing trend throughout 2020 has secured its place as leading for 2021. Orange tint lenses are the Summer statement we all need this year. Keeping in with our 70’s retro mood, your new oversized orange tint aviator will complete your summer wardrobe. Shop our favourite Gucci pair:


The ’70s have been making a comeback for quite some time now, so maybe it is here to stay. Oversized frames are getting bigger and better for 2021. For a sophisticated ‘70s look, stick with neutral tones, Havana and black are the perfect, timeless neutral tones. To make the ultimate statement go for contrasting lenses and a bright, coloured frame. Chloe is a 70’s chic brand that always creates must-have 70’s frames, alongside Gucci and Dior leading the way.


A Vogue recommended trend: white sunglasses! White is a neutral colour which will go with any Summer styling. Shop our favourites below, as seen in Vogue, from Celine, Fendi, Chanel to Miu Miu. All available at Fashion Eyewear.


Do you live on screens all day? It is the new norm to have your iPhone, tablet and laptop glued to your side, but this can be damaging to your eyesight. If you don’t need prescription lenses, chances are you will by the time you’re 30. The age is lowering every year for the need for prescription lenses, and it is simply due to the amount of time we spend on our screens. However, Blue Light Lenses allow you to live at your screen all day safely and in style by reducing eye strain. We have Tom Ford, Ray-Ban and Cutler and Gross frames with the blue light coating already applied. If you do already have prescription lenses, it is easy to add the blue coating! The same trends apply to the optical frames: oversized and round are in, and blue light lenses are most certainly following.

Here are some of our top Blue Light Glasses: