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Eye exercises you can do in the office to improve your vision

Eye exercises you can do in the office to improve your vision

Computer Vision Syndrome’, heard of it? Well, if you have ever had the pleasure of being made to gaze intently into a computer screen from 9 am – 5:30 pm Monday to Friday, you’ll definitely be able to ascertain this phrase’s meaning.

Working in an office usually goes hand in hand with working at a computer – and when you stare at a computer all day, your eyes tend to feel strained.

Because so many of our jobs entail staring at a computer all day, a lot of us out there are having to deal with the side effects of eye-strain including incessant headaches, red eyes and even fatigue on a weekly basis. In fact, studies have shown that CVS affects 50% -90% of all computer workers, although it is a problem that can be checked with some simple eye exercises for the office.

Eye exercises have been proven to help improve vision naturally by strengthening your eyes. Doing these exercises could even eliminate the need for glasses and contacts. Here is what your daily eye-exercise plan should look like:


In order to warm your eyes up for the exercises, rub the palms of your hands together then place them over your eyes for 5 – 10 seconds.

Eye Rolling

First, start by looking up (without straining your eyes!) then look back down. Repeat this 10 times. Next roll your eyes from left to right – repeat this ten times also. Lastly, roll your eyes in a clockwise motion ten times then in a counter-clockwise motion 10 times.


Hold a pen at arms length and ensure it is at eye level, focusing on the very tip. Slowly move it toward your face and stop when it's about 6 inches away. Then, still focusing on the tip, move it back out to arm's length. Repeat this ten times!


When you have completed the above exercises it is time to massage around your eyes. Begin by massaging your temples with your fingers first in a clockwise and then in a counterclockwise motion. After, massage yours under eyes and eyebrows. Massage each place up to ten times.


Rub the palm of your hands until they are naturally warm, and place them gently over your eyelids. Your warm hands will relax your eye muscles and you will find instant relief from the darkness with your eyes closed. Repeat this three times.


We all know this one, but instead of blinking normally, blink 10-15 times very quickly. Repeat this five times. However, in between blinks wait 20 seconds.


Zooming is a helpful exercise for your eyes. While sitting either on your lunch break or at your desk in your office at work, simply outstretch your arm and move your hand towards the middle of your two eyes. Allow your eyes to focus on your hand and move it around in a motion to allow your eyes to zoom. Keep pulling your arm back and forth and repeat this ten times.


Shifting is an effective eye movement. This exercise is simply about moving your eyes from direction to another. Rotate from the right corner to left and you will be working your muscles. People forget we that have eye muscles too! This movement will allow your eyes to be healthy and active after a hard day in the office.

Figure of Eight

We all know what a figure of eight is. Sit straight and try and cross your legs. Put your right hand on your right knee (or left if you prefer) and with your thumb facing upwards make a figure of eight shapes. Allow your eyes to follow your thumb creating this shape to exercise and stretch the eye muscles. Do this in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. After you have repeated this six times, change your hand to the left and repeat again.

Cool Down

Rub your palms together and place them onto your eyes again for 5 – 10 seconds.

When your eye exercises are complete ensure that your eyes do not feel fatigued. If they do, relax and rest them until you are able to focus without a struggle.

Do you wear glasses in the office?

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