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Dior Croisette 3 Sunglasses Review - See The Lowest Online Price

Everywhere People Are Loving These Amazing Dior Croisette 3 Sunglasses!

Christian Dior had always been well-known in the fashion industry as a leading couturier alongside other designers such as Chanel and Lanvin.

Illustrator, René Gruau, was well known for his print-advertising inspired designs which consisted of bold lines and fluid style.

Dior was very intrigued by Gruau's unique and distinctive style. So much so, that he got the illustrator to design numerous couture pieces for him. The Dior Croisette 3 pays homage to the late illustrator and his magnificent work. If you do like to show off your fine taste in fashion eyewear, fashionistas and trendsetters are bound to instantly recognise that these are Dior sunglasses. Below, we take a closer look at the model.

Everywhere People Are Loving These Amazing Dior Croisette 3 Sunglasses!These Dior Croisette sunglasses have a retro style that looks contemporary. The bold lines of the design resemble the lines of Gruau's work. The acetate used to produce this frame was exclusively created for the brand as the acetate-producing process is quite complex when it involves creating patterns. The delicate gadroon design on the side of the frames complement the Gruau-inspired lines.

Everywhere People Are Loving These Amazing Dior Croisette 3 Sunglasses!The gradient lenses of the eyewear is incredibly stylish and currently right on trend. The frame arms are very simple yet extremely elegant; the brand name can be seen at the temples of the stems. The brand name can also be seen on the inner arm of the eyewear. The subtle placement of the brand name assures wearers that they are genuinely investing in a luxury designer brand but not lavishly exposing their fine taste in eyewear.

The strikingly bold design of the eyewear is available in a range of colours from lipstick red to sophisticated mauve. If you prefer an even more subtle design, the tortoise shell/black acetate model would prove a better choice for you. René Gruau's work has left a lasting impression in the world of fashion and art and the same can be said about Dior and his couture designs. From apparel to eyewear, the brand's designs are sure to be in style for many years to come.