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Dior So Real Sunglasses on Instagram #SOREAL

Dior So Real Sunglasses on Instagram #SOREAL

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This season, there has only been one major pair of sunglasses on people’s minds, the “Dior So Real.” If you are active on social media or read fashion magazines then you’ll know exactly what we mean. Since the announcement of Rihanna’s “Secret Garden 4” campaign with Dior, we have seen an increase in the popularity of the model – which was also featured in the campaign.

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If you like celebrity style and being a fashion influencer in your own right then you should try these on for size. We see this model being popular all through this summer as well. What’s lovely about this pair is that they were popular 2-3 seasons ago as well. The fact that the sunglasses have no nose bridge is what keeps them popular. They are edgy, new age and contemporary – much like the fashion house’s latest designs.

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All of our favourite bloggers like Soraya de Carvalho of “Style is my thing,” Andy Torres of “Style Scrapbook,” blogger Negin Mirsalehi and Aimee Song of “Song of Style” have been seen spotting them on their Instagram timelines. Even on the streets of London this pair has been winning the hearts of everyday fashionistas. We feel that anyone who decides to add them to their collection will be lucky.

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We delved into what exactly makes this pair so popular and desired, and we believe we have found the formula. We see the craftsmanship and the level of glam the sunglasses offer. They can also be worn in a sporty and casual look; the level of versatility that they provide is currently paramount to none. The materials used are strong and durable meaning that they will be in your collection for a long time.


We have found some of the best examples of how to wear these darlings on some of the most followed Instagram pages. If you would like to share pictures of yourself with us then you can use that hash tag #FESOREAL. Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites to date, and it's no wonder that we've seen the popular brand blossom.

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